Southwest tour: OhmSpace in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

OhmSpace in Oklahoma City is the very first stop on our southwest tour.

When we arrived it was around 2 in the afternoon and the temperature outside was nearly 110 degrees. It was HOT. [Stan] met up with us to give us a tour of the space.  As you can see, the facility is huge. While at first glance it may appear somewhat disheveled, there is order to the madness. There is a nice community work area set up in the middle as well as several different stations throughout. Since the facility is almost just one giant room, storage is out in the open giving the illusion of a mess. We were there in the early afternoon, so there wasn’t anyone around working on anything, but you can see projects in various states of progress throughout the tour.

There was one short break from the heat in the computer room that is run by DC405, the local Defcon group. I took a few minutes to talk to [Taylor] and have him explain more about that in the video below.


  1. Stan says:

    Caleb, thanks for stopping by and for the write up.

  2. Taylor says:

    Thanks again Caleb, your always welcome here in Oklahoma!

  3. The first video isn’t available for me.

  4. baudday says:

    First video isn’t working…

  5. baudday says:

    The first video isn’t working..

  6. mike says:

    (vid 1 unavailable).

  7. Chase says:

    Hi! I saw your dual-driving cam article and I was wondering where you get parts for your VW bus? I’ve got a similar model and I like the interior paneling.

  8. bandit says:

    Can you send a Hack-a-day post when the video is working?

    Glad you were able to stop by Quelab!! Looking forward to that video, also!

  9. rev says:

    wish i would have known this was going down. DC405 would have picked up a bit. lol

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