Super Angry Birds is a physical controller for the game

This role reversal is quite entertaining. While the game Angry Birds is a virtual realization of knocking over stuff with a sling-shot, Super Angry Birds adds a physical control element back to the virtual game. It’s silly, but well-executed. The main controller takes advantage a part which we don’t see used very often. It’s a motorized linear actuator which would most often be seen on a high-end audio console.

Check out the video after the break to see the controller in action. The linear encoder is used to simulate pulling the rubber sling shot back. It uses the motorized feature to spring back in place, but we’re not sure whether or not the motor also provides resistance during the pull. The laser cut case also includes a companion in the form of a TNT trigger box al-a Wile E Coyote.

If this isn’t real enough for you perhaps this slingshot controller will suffice.

[Thanks Maddin and many others]


  1. Treehouse Projects says:

    Love it! So well planned and executed. Very inspiring.

  2. rusted says:

    That’s really awesome!

  3. Joa says:

    Very well made!

    With an arduino, the right sensors, a laptop and a projector something similar could be done in outside environment. For example using the playground swings that consists of a seat and a great big spring as base.

  4. J says:

    The motorized fader almost certainly doesn’t provide resistance during the pull. The motor is coupled with a rubber belt which slips under almost any force. They are designed to let the user overpower the motor.

  5. derekb says:

    I don’t know that these have enough oomph to provide any significant force feedback. Typically on a digital console, if you move a fader that’s ‘locked’ it won’t offer any resistance, and will simply spring back once you let go. I couldn’t tell you if it’s programmed that way, or if the force of the motor is so easily overcome. Just my experience.

  6. Hirudinea says:

    This is so cool, and I can see the defence department buying it for their artillery batteries, hey gun bunnies need to have fun too!

  7. Andrew says:

    Hey guys,

    I’m one of the makers of this thing. Thanks for the nice comments! I I just want to say that the resistance is really strong. I’m also used to mixing sound on these consoles, and they feel super weak but once you put 12V and pump the motor to the max in the opposite direction you really get a strong pull. I’m not sure how long the slider would survive like this, but so far so good :-)



  8. joannapinkbird says:

    That. Is. EPIC. I love it when people go to the lengths to make stuff like this. Good on them!

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