R2D2 drink dispenser will happily tinkle in your glass

As with Jabba the Hutt we’d like to have our own service droid to serve up a cold one. We’re in luck; it looks like you can make your very own beverage dispensing droid if you don’t mind a little awkward dispensation.

The body started as one of those big protein drink mix containers. After spraying it white and masking off the entire thing with blue painter’s tape, the shapes for the blue designs were cut out and painted. Half of a foam sphere from the hobby shop was used to form the dome.

Liquids are dispensed by the pump system from a Super Soaker motorized water gun. You can see it fill up a beaker with a mysterious blue liquid in the video after the break. It’s a long way from challenging the Bar2D2, but it’s also something a mere mortal can build


  1. ameyring says:

    Clever idea for a small version of R2D2. It does look like R2D2 is going to the bathroom he he, so I suggest the droid be made vertical and the drink come out of the middle of the body or the head. Or, even use different parts of the body for different kinds of drinks as long as you have room inside.

  2. Jory says:

    I just bought a small water cooler (http://www.koopplein.nl/uploads/703688_1.jpg?1343029293), might be awesome to include the cooling spiral (the water runs trough a simple spiraled hose in the bottom to cool)

    The post gave me the idea of maybe adding a valve and a bottle of some kind of lemonade.

  3. chango says:

    Penny Arcade fans might have ideas for an alternate build…

  4. andar_b says:

    Reminds me of Kryten’s groinal attachment. It seems to me he once used it for someone’s tea, but I can’t find a link. XD It also serves as a vacuum cleaner!

  5. Hirudinea says:

    Manneken Pis can suck it!

  6. obiwab45 says:

    Whats the funniest name you could make up for the R2D2?

    I’ll start, R2Pee2

  7. dr0b3rts says:

    Sir, are you aware that you’re leaking coolant at an alarming rate?

  8. Sup B says:

    Fun project. Have you thought of including R2’s authentic sound to coincide the dispensing of the liquid? And to Jory – the lemonade idea is GENIUS!

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