Use a Nokia N82 TFT Panel with Your Arduino


[Andy] has been hard at work reverse-engineering the Nokia N82 2.4 inch cell phone display for use with an Arduino. As pointed out in the article, this same 2.4 inch display can be found in at least seven other Nokia products, so they are readily available. The panels can be found for as low as 3 pounds (or a little less than 5 dollars) on Ebay.

The results are quite good and can be seen in the videos after the break. The first demo displays a simulated weather report, and the second displays some JPEG images. Although an Arduino Mega was used in this demonstration, a standard Arduino can be used as well. Schematics as well as a bill of materials is included in the article, however if you’d rather just buy a board, he’s selling the rest of what he’s built on a first come first served basis. No word on how many he has in stock though!


  1. indiantinker says:


  2. Hack Man says:

    Semi repost but unless I am wrong, this is the fastest way to send data to a LCD. Doesn’t work on UNOs.

  3. ino says:

    I still haven’t find a decent supplier in europe for this damn connector.
    The ones I found charge a ridiculously high rate for shipping …*cough* cellnetos *cough*

  4. nes says:

    Lovely screen. Such a shame it’s not SPI though. I just don’t tend to use any parts equipped with that sort of parallel bus. Perhaps driving it with a shift register would be a good solution for lower cost AVRs and PICs.

    • NsN says:

      320 * 240 * 2 * 8 bits = ~1.2Megabits for a whole frame. With hardware SPI on an Atmega you could reach 5-10 fps, but you would also need to load the data from somewhere.

      Of course for static displays you don’t need high framerates, but these displays are not really aimed at hobbyists, originally they are for phones and mobile devices.

  5. Alex says:

    Wow, those are fantastic little screens.

  6. Mike says:

    Are you planning to build more boards? I would be interested in purchasing a handful.

  7. Warcraft says:

    And on the subject of David Brooks, via a commenter at LGF, this is, um, weird. It appears that either Brooksie is trying to parody people who don’t like Romney, or he’s thrown in with MoDo against the Yes-We-Klan ticket. (Maybe Romney turned down his request to sit in his lap or something, and he’s pissed off.)

  8. Jon says:

    Now, there are tons of projects like this with screens for the Arduino but WE NEED MORE ADAPTATIONS OF THIS COMPATIBLE WITH THE RASPBERRY PI just trying to emphasize my point – it is needed.

  9. Carlos says:

    Did who ever wrote the article even read the Andy’s description? That display is using 16bit interface trough the mega memory port interface. Now how can that be used on a “Standard Arduino”?

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