Hackaday Links August 31, 2012

Landing a fixed-wing through hotel balcony french doors

As you can see, launching an RC airplane off of a hotel balcony is easy. But watch the video and you’ll find out trying to fly through the french doors for a landing is another story. [Team BlackSheep] hits (har, har) Thailand in this collection of breathtaking flights.

Quieting rack-mount switch for home use

[VictorB] got his hands on this switch to beef up his home network. Since the three fans on the back sound like a jet engine he did some cutting to use a larger, quieter fan.

Component package alphabet

Sure, you probably know what SOIC stands for, but what is a CSP? You can clear things up a bit by studying your IC Alphabet.

ZX Spectrum audio card

For those still looking to squeeze everything they can out of a classic ZX Spectrum, here’s a way to improve the audio with a custom sound card (translated).

AVR programmer reprogrammed as an NES controller interface

[Slack] modified his USBasp programmer to uses as an NES controller interface. The hardware can be had on eBay for under $10, and he was already using one as a dev board. After seeing this USB to NES dongle post it didn’t take long to make the programmer into a gaming tool.

12 thoughts on “Hackaday Links August 31, 2012

  1. It is always great to see more videos from Team Blacksheep. I really miss the lack of new videos from team mate Trappy since he had that lithium battery fire that took out much of his workshop and the toys within it awhile ago.

  2. I think the first link for “AVR programmer reprogrammed as an NES controller interface” is probably meant to be a new link? It’s currently linking to the same place as the other one.

  3. I did the same thing back in the day to my 24 port 10/100 switch. Burned out the fan drive circuit with a 80mm fan however.

  4. I have a few of those switches. When the fans start to go they sound like frieght trains braking hard.

    I’d thought about mounting a larger fan externally and ducting it in. I like his solution but it kills it for rack mounting (my need).

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