Giving graphing calculators a new life

[Christopher] at Cemetech, ever frequent HaD feature for his hacked up graphing calculators, made it to the NYC Maker Faire.

He already posted on his blog he was making the trip up to Maker Faire, but we were lucky enough to catch up with him. Two things: the name of his blog isn’t ‘cement tech’, but ‘chem tech.’ Apparently he hates it when it’s mispronounced.

Secondly, he’s been turning in the TI-83s for a Casio Prizm graphing calculator. In the video above he tells us he’s gotten a few homebrew games running on the Prizm, a Lua interpreter, and is currently working on digging around the operating system.


  1. Bob Thing says:

    tbh if he want’s it to be pronounced correctly then he should learn how to spell. Hauppage anyone?

  2. soopergooman says:

    Lua eh, he can go through the psp homebrews, there are alot of lua games there.

  3. Chris C. says:

    1) You say it’s pronounced “chem-tech”.
    2) He says it’s pronounced “KE’me’tek”, which is not the same as #1.
    3) He hates it when it’s pronounced “cement tech”.
    4) The link’s address to his previous feature has it spelled “Cementech”, which having only one T, wouldn’t necessarily be pronounced “cement tech”; but could also be something a bit naughty.

    I think I’ll just pronounce it “Bob” and call it a day.

  4. Once and for all: Chem eh tek, KEH meh tek, or whatever your regional preferred pronunciation looks like. Hard K sound at the beginning, three syllables. :)

  5. fartface says:

    So that is cool what cement tech has done with those calculators. I still cane figure out what his blog has to do with cement though….

  6. Derpster says:

    Maybe he sells cement and cement accessories?

  7. Cemetechian says:

    You cement-tech people, go to now! You will prefer it there!

    I love Cemetech’s name and pronunciation! But then I also think the TI-83+SE is better than the TI-84+SE. Can any Cemetechians here guess who I am?

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