Hackaday Links: October 3, 2012

Cheap ergonomic mouse

If your had keeps cramping while using the computer mouse why not grab a hunk of wood and a couple of buttons to make your own ergonomic input device?

C# GUI for Arduino testing

Here’s a Windows GUI for controlling Arduino. [Rohit] put it together using C#. It should make development very simple as you have control of almost everything before you need to worry about writing your own server-side software.

Networked strip lighting replaces the office overheads

[Jeremy] got tired of replacing the halogen bulbs in his office. He upgraded to ten meters of RGB LED strips. We can’t think they do as well at lighting up the room. But he did add network control so they can flash or change colors depending on what type of alert they’re signalling.

Woven QR codes

Now that [Andrew Kieran] proved you can weave a working QR code into textiles do you think we’ll see garments that have a QR code leading to care instructions? We could never figure out what all those strange icons stood for.

World’s largest QR code in a corn maze

The world’s largest QR code was cut out of this field of corn. It’s at the Kraay Family Farm in Alberta, Canada. Gizomodo called it “Stupidly Pointless”. But we figure if it got them a world record and put their website on the front page of Giz and Hackaday they’re doing okay. Plus, we whipped out our Android and it read the QR code quite easily.


  1. Tinkerer says:

    Regarding the mouse: I once had to add a third mouse button to a 2-button mouse, and decided to throw in a second mouse ;)


  2. Coda says:

    Yes my HAD kept cramping my eyes up, so now I use a greasemonkey script to change the colour scheme, so all’s well :P

  3. Jay Rishel says:

    weaving a QRcode with link to care instructions is exactly what I’m doing with my 3D weaving startup :)

  4. Bogdan says:

    Im looking for something that can control a micro controller like that, but with more features:
    read/write to SPI, I2C, a second serial port

    use the timers for PWM out, freq out, freq read

    basically control the whole micro from a serial port. I don’t mind the micro type…. has anyone done this?

  5. indiantinker says:

    You can use this one:


    Works on the MSP430 launchpad! has access to SPI/I2C like you wanted..

  6. Gdogg says:

    Gizmodo is retarded along with all their writers. The QR code field is awesome.

  7. foogoid says:

    Regarding the Arduino to C# link, I came across a similar project today, which links to LabView:


    I also found out today, that I can get LabView from my Uni, so I might try this out some day. I don’t have an Arduino, maybe I can put this on a bare AVR as well?

  8. M says:

    The woven QR code is cool, but any commercial clothing will just use a silkscreen instead like my running shoes already do.

  9. wowme@wtf.com says:

    add by dose crapped, too

  10. jwweather4 says:

    The 150 LED 5050 SMD strips are rated at 330 lumens/meter, so that’s 3300 lumens. Plus it’s a much more even light than the narrow-field halogen spotlights.

  11. strider_mt2k says:

    Not to mention the fact that Gizmodo has been in the crapper for years.

  12. Le Samourai says:

    I know i’m way late to the game, but…



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