Turning a plush Dalek into a WiFi enabled robot

You can now “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!” with one finger since this plush Dalek from Doctor Who has been turned into a wireless robot. The build started out with the toy whose only trick was to spout quotes from the popular science fiction television series. [Madox] took it apart to see how it worked, then added some of his own goodies to make it better.

We just looked in on a project from this guy on Tuesday. It was a light painting wand that used the TP-Link TL-WR703N wireless router. This uses the same tiny hardware as the controller. Since it’s a WiFi router it’s quite simple to serve up a control interface on any browser. To make it all work [Madox] designed and printed a new base plate. This provides brackets on which the two servo motors can  be mounted. It also gives him a place to anchor the driver board and the router itself. The original voice hardware is still there, driven by a connection to the router hardware. See the final product in the clip after the jump.

11 thoughts on “Turning a plush Dalek into a WiFi enabled robot

  1. Oh he’s so cute I say we let him take over the universe! How hard would it be to put a custom voice module in this set up, so he could say “Oh F**K stairs!” for instance?

  2. Can this method be coupled with a USB hub for use with other tech such as as webcams, etc? Or does the script need complete access to the sole USB slot?

  3. Hi Corvair,

    There should be no problem, I actually bought a small slim webcam to see if I can squeeze into the stalk of the Dalek.

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