Turning a plush Dalek into a WiFi enabled robot

You can now “EX-TER-MIN-ATE!” with one finger since this plush Dalek from Doctor Who has been turned into a wireless robot. The build started out with the toy whose only trick was to spout quotes from the popular science fiction television series. [Madox] took it apart to see how it worked, then added some of his own goodies to make it better.

We just looked in on a project from this guy on Tuesday. It was a light painting wand that used the TP-Link TL-WR703N wireless router. This uses the same tiny hardware as the controller. Since it’s a WiFi router it’s quite simple to serve up a control interface on any browser. To make it all work [Madox] designed and printed a new base plate. This provides brackets on which the two servo motors can  be mounted. It also gives him a place to anchor the driver board and the router itself. The original voice hardware is still there, driven by a connection to the router hardware. See the final product in the clip after the jump.


  1. Chirpinchuckthehumanduck says:

    So funny. :)

  2. Amatol says:

    You think this is harmless fun ?
    This is how it STARTS !
    NEVER let Daleks have any type of electronics !

  3. Hirudinea says:

    Oh he’s so cute I say we let him take over the universe! How hard would it be to put a custom voice module in this set up, so he could say “Oh F**K stairs!” for instance?

  4. M4rc3lv says:

    I wasn’t aware of the fact that pluche Dalek’s exist. Now I want want too.

  5. Chris C. says:

    Strange that a Dalek would be cuter and less menacing than a Furby.

  6. agtrier says:

    What about stairs?

  7. be it known says:

    There is one thing you are better at than the Daleks.



  8. corvair says:

    Can this method be coupled with a USB hub for use with other tech such as as webcams, etc? Or does the script need complete access to the sole USB slot?

  9. Madox says:

    Hi Corvair,

    There should be no problem, I actually bought a small slim webcam to see if I can squeeze into the stalk of the Dalek.

  10. pcf11 says:

    Nothing says love like a rampaging plunger wielding robot!

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