Hacked farm toy plays simon


My kids have a plastic farm toy. It moos, it oinks, it neighs, it
baas, and frankly, it grates. But since I tricked it out with an
attiny2313, at least it can play “Simon Says”.

This is what [Tom] said in his email to us. We love that when the toy annoyed [Tom], he improved it.

He started by inserting his own electronics. Using an ATTiny2313 for the brains, he proceeded to make it into an interesting game of “simon says”.  Each stall is a button and has a nice bright LED in it to help you follow along. Interestingly, he preserved the original electronics as well and added a switch so he could change modes. Great job [Tom]!

Catch the video after the break.


  1. Rhalla says:

    Holy crap. My girlfriend’s son has this toy… the cat plays with it more than he does, and it is annoying as all hell.

    I hate fake animal noises but now that there is a point to them they seem slightly less obnoxious

    Brilliant hack; good choice of music.

  2. supershwa says:

    The toy is made by Fisher Price and sold at WalMart — I’ve seen this obnoxious plaything all too many times. If I remember correctly there’s a silo attachment.

    This is an excellent hack – it makes this toy much more practical and educational!

  3. NewCommentor1283 says:

    score one for the phrase “why not both?” XD

  4. Miles Dyson says:

    The game is ‘Simon’ not ‘Simon says’

  5. Chris says:

    The game is called ‘Simon’ not ‘Simon says’

  6. fartface says:

    Glad to see people are still too dumb to understand that adding a music track ruins the video. Dude, you dont have the rights to it, you also dont have a clue as to how to set volume levels…

    if you think you need music, DONT. It’s always better without it.

  7. Bill Gander says:

    Well this is cool in my book. Wish there were a little more of a write up. Nice job on figuring out something fun to do with this old toy. I was the Uncle of the Year a couple ago for simply putting volume limiting resistors in my niece’s toys lol. The 4th time you hear one of those things you start shakily looking for bullets lol

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