Hackerspace intro: Greenville Makers in Greenville, South Carolina


If you happen to live in the Upstate of South Carolina, and your New Year’s resolution was to get involved with a hackerspace, the [Greenville Makers] are definitely worth checking out. Right now they have several projects their members are working on, including a VoIP payphone (work in progress), and of course several 3D printers and various electronics projects.

They meet at 6:00 on Mondays to discuss projects and group goals at their current location at [CoWork Greenville], and have a dedicated space to keep tools and work in progress. They’re actively recruiting new members, so if you’re a hacker, artist, or just like observing other people’s projects, you should definitely give them a look. Alternatively, you can check out their forum to introduce yourself.

Special shout out to [Chris] for getting things together originally, as well as [CoWork] for helping establish an initial space to work and meet in. We look forward to some great [HAD] material coming out of [GMG] in the future!


  1. Jordan says:

    you have two ” at 6:00 on Mondays”

  2. Bosnoff says:

    Found a link to the forum discussion about the payphone. It shows how the idea progressed and explains why the extra faceplate has a picture of the Olympic Rings on it.


  3. Alex U. says:

    This is great! I was talking with a Greenville nerd back when I lived there a few years back about starting a hackerspace, but the legalities and cost were prohibitive. I’m happy to see Greenville get one. I hope it’s got a better membership than the one in Charlotte. Best of luck to them and I hope we see some really creative stuff come out of there. Greenville is a beautiful city and it’s growing little by little every day to become a really unique southern town.

    • sumodnyc says:

      Alex I agree its awesome that this seems to finally be coming together! Seems like a few people over the last few years have tried, but we’re finally getting the momentum and support going. Hope that you’ll be able to come visit us! Greenville is changing, but in many amazing ways :) I’m pretty new around here, so its good to see it grow and can’t wait to see where its going.

  4. I wish I was closer to you guys. I live in Erwin, TN, which is about a 2 hour drive. There aren’t any hackspaces close to me. Maybe one day I’ll drive out there. Good Luck with your payphone project.

    • SuMo_D says:

      Jeremy we hope that you’ll be able to visit some day! If there’s anything we can help with via the forums or IRC reach out – we’re friendly :) – Maybe you can start a space in your town, keep the movement going! I had some friends in NYC who moved to Ashville to start one, which is a little closer to you, but it didn’t really take off and then they parted ways. I’m sure it’lll happen at some point though. For now we’re happy to be getting this started and growing!

  5. hdsrob says:

    Wow, I live in Greenville and wasn’t aware that this existed! I’ll have to check this out.

  6. suin says:

    I have a cuestion, do you do hacking competitions in the group, like capture the flag something like that ?

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