Diamond Ore wall lamp brings Minecraft into your home


We were surprised to see all of the Christmas gifts that revolved around Minecraft. Seems like there’s a lot of stuff for sale, but we still like the DIY spirit that comes with making your own. [Thacrudd] recently finished this project. It’s a wall lamp that looks like Minecraft’s diamond ore.

The enclosure is a wood box that used to contain chocolates. After studying the pixel art texture for the game’s diamond ore blocks he marked out the pattern and headed over to the scroll to rough them out before finishing with files and a rasp. Next came paint, which was sourced as a sample from the home store. This left him with one shade of gray, but the variations were easy to add by mixing it with white or black.

A strip of white LEDs gives the lamp its inner glow. The openings have been covered with blue acrylic which keep the dust out while providing the appropriate hue.

[via Reddit]


  1. zosh says:

    Awesome hack! I wish I had the courage to use a box cutter and a box of watercolours.

  2. Giles says:

    I like this very much, has inspired me to go build something similar! Simple and effective :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    A good next step for this project would be making a redstone block. Keep the LEDs at about 50-60% brightness most of the time, and bump it up to 100% for a few seconds whenever the box is tapped hard enough.

  4. gaeopk says:

    autism simulator, autism simulator everywhere.

  5. Frank says:

    A ridiculously awesome night-light! I would jump on this in a minuite if it wasn’t for the fact that I spend quite a lot of effort removing/covering LED’s and extra light sources as it is, since I prefer my darkness pitch black.

  6. agtrier says:

    it’s too small. Everybody knows a Minecraft block measures 1m³ ;-)

  7. Jon says:

    You know what truly “brings minecraft into your home”?


    So much easier, too. =P

  8. Thwei says:

    no money

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