OpenSCAD is for use with 2D machine, not just 3D printing


Here’s an enclosure which was designed with OpenSCAD and cut out on a CNC router. [Matthew Venn] wrote about the project because he sees tons of 3D printing hacks that use the software, but almost never hears about it as a tool for laser cutting or CNC router/mill work. When we read that we thought we must have seen a lot of 2D hacks but a search of Hackaday’s previous offerings proved us wrong. Just this week we heard about the software in use with the Makerbot. Or you could go back about a year and read about creating 3D molds. But nothing on 2D work.

His post is a quick read and shows off the bare bones of the case designs he’s been working with for a few years. By referencing the code itself, and playing with how it changes the render in OpenSCAD he makes a strong case for quick and easy enclosure design. If you use this technique make sure to document your experience because we want to hear about it!


  1. Justin Shipe says:

    I’m doing the same thing, actually. I’m designing a storage box in 3D space to be laid out in 2D and laser cut out of hardwood ply. This same article was mentioned to me earlier in the week and I found it super helpful. His example code is great.

  2. I used openscad to design the core of my cyclekart steering wheel which I used a cnc plasma cutter to cut out of 1/4th inch aluminum plate.

    Cyclekart pics here:

  3. Enrico says:

    Which program do you use for make gcode from your models drowed in OpenSCAD ?
    i need it because i use EMC2 to control my 3 axis cnc mill.
    I actually use pycam :

  4. Daid says:

    Full 3D printer with 3D printed parts, mechanical parts, and lasercut parts in OpenSCAD:

    I hope to finish it soon and do a proper write up.

  5. thehypnotist says:

    *waves* Hello Mr Venn :D

    Again you are up to awesome I see. :D

    TheHypnotist from LHS :P.

  6. Inspired by Daid, I also did a few 2D designs in OpenSCAD:

    I collected some tips:

    But for paper/cardboard purposes it really misses 2D line (non solids) support:

    I’m still looking for solutions.

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