Hackaday’s very first Kickstarter campaign

Here at hackaday, we often find ourselves wondering how we can use the vast technological abilities of our community to make the world a better place.  We have finally decided to step up to the plate and make a difference. We are proud to introduce our very first kickstarter project.

Happy April fools day!

I’ll just go ahead and answer some questions here real quick.

  • Why? 

    Because I thought it would be funny, and hey, I’ll do anything for your attention!

  • Did you actually stick that up your nose?
    Yes. It is a simple party trick. You can actually fit a bunch of stuff up in there, but you probably shouldn’t.
  • Why didn’t you make a tiny board and use smd components?
    That was considerably more effort and time than I wanted to put into this gag. Also, I thought cramming something unnecessarily far into my skull added to the humor. There actually is an SMD version that lights up when you breathe.

There was actually an even crazier initial prototype that had a button and battery pack in my mouth with wires going through my throat and out my nose. However, when I fed the wires through (another stupid party trick), I found I couldn’t talk without triggering my gag reflex.


  1. sonofabit says:

    hah! you allmost fooled me!

  2. not_an_ai says:

    Get you ass to mars …. Get you ass to mars …

    • mike says:

      thats what i was thinking, but seriously i could really use one of those, i hate those headband lights and this would really help put more direct light on my projects. can we get red and green for xmas themes etc?
      varialble blink rates, and laser for rave parties?

  3. Mike says:

    That could have some uses when you think about it. Give it an articulated extension and it could substitute for a monkey’s tail – always wanted one of those. Evolution you are a cruel mistress.

  4. Nick Johnson says:

    I’m sorry, but there’s no joke so out there that it’s not already a real product: http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/nose-led-kit-p-1274.html?cPath=202

  5. Jeroen says:

    *sigh*, ah yes, I forgot, this is when the Internet becomes useless for a day.

    • Sam says:

      Er, it’s not just an Internet thing. It’s the entire English-speaking world at least, don’t know about Holland, or wherever people called Jeroen come from.

  6. If anyone actually would like a Nose Light they are available at Seeedstudio for $7.50…


  7. aefpo says:


  8. barry99705 says:

    I hate April 1st.

  9. Thanks for making my Monday morning lol. sad part is people on kickstarter would probably fund this…

  10. Jrat says:

    What happens if you have a runny nose?

  11. Bloodlock says:

    LoL… thats was funny… xD~

  12. Rob says:

    No Arduino? Must be an april fools joke!

  13. soopergooman says:

    Are there any build plans set to be released? lol I want this.

  14. Goja says:

    Yes, already available… Search for “Medinose” : 2 LEDs that you can stick in your nose for “therapeutic” use. (Do a picture-search) ;-)

  15. Maybe Jim Cary sould do a anal light. Freaking lefty

  16. Neckbeard says:

    Why are nerds so anally devastated when you do anything remotely outside of their comfort zone?

  17. teng says:

    props for the commitment ;>)

  18. Chris C. says:

    Will this ruin my Google Nose experience?

  19. Wretch says:

    This year’s April 1st is apparently nose themed.

    Google Nose

  20. LordNothing says:

    april fools win

  21. Oh. Here’s the April Fools joke I was looking for…

    Last years was much more clever than ths. :/

  22. vonskippy says:

    Perhaps a small wind generator for the other nostril would keep the batteries charged. Bonus if the generator works both inhaling and exhaling.

    Of course there’s methane fuel cells for the other end.

    The possibilities seem almost endless.

  23. Bob Constans says:

    “You can actually fit a bunch of stuff up in there, but you probably shouldn’t.”
    BTW this is really good advice…

  24. Squirrel says:

    Not a single rickroll link in there? I am disappoint.

  25. Although this is a joke there is actually a commercial product to light your nose, search for “Medisana Medinose.” This is one of the rare products that costs almost twice as much in the US as in Germany: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MEDINOSE-HAY-FEVER-ANTI-ALLERGY-TREATMENT-DEVICE-PHOTOTHERAPY-GERMANY-NEW-LooK-/350686106787?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item51a68554a3

    • Sam says:

      You have to admire the cheek of the untested-medicine industry. Between nose-lights and Bach flower remedies, neither credulity nor self-respect can challenge their commitment to the product.

  26. Reblogged this on Alexander Riccio.

  27. ahahahahahah

  28. static says:

    A group I belong to have a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas. I may need to try to make this for that. What would be bad if it where left in long sough for the nasal hair to dry to it, really making it painful to remove. The friends of Caleb’s kids think they have a far out or a really strange dad.

  29. Teck-Freak says:

    Nice one. but in fact I’d be interrestet in having one. mayby a blue one

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