Meet the 2013 LayerOne conference badge


The LayerOne security conference is fast approaching and [charliex] is doing his best to put the finishing touches on this year’s conference badge.

Around the perimeter of the badge is 48 LEDs driven by two LED drivers. This allows for some crazy hardware hacking to create anything from a TV-B-GONE to a bulbdial clock. There’s also a few extra switches and sensors that can be hacked to do some interesting things, but where this badge really shines is the addition of an OLED display, allowing it to transform into an XMEGA Xprotolab, a small oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and frequency generator. Yes, this badge can be hacked, but it’s also a tool for hacking.

There’s an impressive amount of work that went into this badge, a feat even more impressive given the fact that the LayerOne conference is this weekend and the PCBs for these badges won’t arrive until tomorrow. We’ll be the first to say we’re masters of procrastination, but [charliex] really cut it close here.


  1. Sir_Chan says:

    wish i could get ahold of one of these

  2. Sven says:

    Hmmm, the LayerOne badge is not a OneLayer PCB…

  3. Protolamer says:

    “There’s also a … Read the rest”
    Please bring the new article format back!

  4. zaprodk says:

    LayerOne, LevelOne? Which is it?

  5. Mike says:

    Uh, Brian, it’s LayerOne I think, not LevelOne:

  6. polossatik says:

    .. a small oscilloscope .. lol

  7. Tom the Brat says:

    Small Oscilloscope: Have you SEEN an xProtolab? Cutest, tiniest little thing. Very useful.

  8. linkxs says:

    Is hackaday going to be at LayerOne? I’d love to meet you fuckers!

  9. XOIIO says:

    Aww man

    Anyone want to mail one of these to canada?

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