Building a synth on a breadboard


Building an analog synth is a challenge, but with the [Tymkrs] protosynth, it’s easier than ever. It’s a 25-key keyboard attached to a stack of solderless breadboards to make analog synth prototyping a snap.

Earlier, [Tymkrs] acquired a whole bunch of solderless breadboards and decided to put them to use by making a component-level modular synth. The earlier incarnation tied each key on the keyboard to a few wires behind the breadboard and tied them in to a shift register so they could be read with a Propeller dev board loaded up with a Commodore SID emulator. The new version keeps the very clean through-the-back keyboard connector, but this time the [Tymkrs] are adding a few more components that add a sequencer setup and a rotary encoder.

The eventual goal for this really cool breadboard synth is to explore the world of Moogs, Arps, and other analog synths easily on a breadbaord. The [Tymkrs] have already put together a breadboard-compatible low pass and high pass filter. While there’s still a lot of work to be done to make an analog synth a reality, the [Tymkrs] are off to a great start.


  1. Pinkertr0n says:

    wahw. thats awesome. I’m totes making a breadboard synth!

  2. bty says:

    oh wow, good idea and looks great too.

  3. dALE says:

    What’s with the south park characters?

  4. Adrian says:

    Great idea, but wow is that video doing a bad job in explaining what they built. The unique part, how the keyboard and breadboards are wired up isn’t touched on at all, just plugging their for sale trinkets.

    Is there an article covering that build of the breadboard organ?

  5. Addie says:

    And if folks have more questions on the kits themselves (which pre-pcb are a cluster of wires and chaos):

  6. Glarb2000 says:

    Cool idea, however the logo makes me want to punch myself in the eyes

  7. George Johnson says: is a fantastic site to go to for synth projects. It is (was last time I checked) free, and they offer very professional stuff, from front panels to PCB’s to circuits, you name it. Just TONS of stuff out there, all related to synths.

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