Roboxotica (Barbot Festival in Vienna)


Just this past week was this year’s Roboexotica 2013! The annual event was the world’s first and is perhaps the finest festival of cocktail serving robotics out there!

Founded 15 years ago in San Francisco, Roboexotica brings together scientists, hackers, and artists from all around the world to build the most awesome drink dispensing technologies. It’s also an opportunity to discuss innovation, science fiction, and the world of robotics to come — after utilizing some of the robots of course!

The photo above is of one of the popular bots from this year — it’s called the Minecraft Cocktailbot. It dispenses the liquor out of its floppy drive, but only when you control it from inside a game of Minecraft!

More of the barbots present at Roboxotica can be found on the main site. We think our second favorite is the Bunnybot. It defecates peanuts — the mightiest of all  in pellet-form bar food.

Stick around after the break to see the Minecraft Cocktailbot in action!

So which was better? Barbot 2013, or Roboexotica 2013?


  1. aztraph says:

    I guess one WOULD need a cocktail to play Minecraft for any length of time.

  2. Miroslav says:

    Roboxotica != Roboexotica. Bad keyboard or no keyboard, press F1 to continue.

  3. Bernhard says:

    a nicer Picture of the Bunnybot:


    it _is_ supercute.

  4. bkubicek says:

    Also, roboxotica was founded in Vienna/Austria.

  5. Chris says:

    Thats pretty neat. Personally, I was actually more impressed by the elephant statue.

  6. To reiterate what bkubicek said, Roboexotica was founded in Vienna in 1999. Not in San Francisco.

  7. Nice to read about Roböxotica on HaD!
    Sadly, this year I didn’t manage to try all robots :(

  8. Fabian says:

    i was there!

    loved it so many great people and awesome robots
    sadly most of them didn’t worked properly on the first evening.

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