NESPoise – a Nice Looking NES Clone

[Dave] tipped us about the latest project he just finished: a posable, desktop NES clone arcade machine. This idea came to be when its creator gathered a few bits and pieces he had lying around: an NES Retro Entertainment System (Retrobit RES, found for less than $25) and an arcade stick with its buttons. [Dave] then bought a 7″ car DVD screen (less than $40) and started a first standard arcade-looking design with OpenSCAD. As the first draft was relatively boring, he let it mature for a bit until he got another idea, shown in the picture above.

The final result is made of 3D printed PLA and varnished luaun plywood which gives the console a VCS style retro look. Many hours were required to 3D print the different parts using a Makerbot Replicator 2. [Dave] disassembled his Retrobit RES to layout its parts inside the case and  also replaced the original voltage regulator with a 7805 on a big heatsink. This may be one of the best ‘nintendo’ hacks we have received over the years, but there have been others that also take cartridges.


  1. Downing says:

    Kinda looks like a cousin of Wall-E. Haha, great work man!

  2. Awesome work!

  3. strider_mt2k says:

    Just beautiful!

    Really really nice work there!

  4. IcYhAwK says:

    That’s pretty great. I would like to take this a bit further and have basically 2 of them for 2 player games.

    • Greenaum says:

      You’d just need to duplicate the display and controller, and run a wire between them to send the two. Perhaps have that as an option, if you plug a second unit into some socket on the device, it turns off the internal NES and just does that. You could have a teeny arcade! Since the NES control pad is serial, and the video is composite, you wouldn’t even need that many pins.

  5. Jock Murphy says:

    My hat is off. That is just brilliant.

  6. Funkdat says:

    Really nice but really needs a 4:3 screen.

  7. Andrew says:

    Why did they go with plywood instead of hardwood? Are they going to treat it so it doens’t de-laminate and cover with something for artwork pretty? Would be nice if it had a controller portso you could hook in for two player along with av out (that disables the little screen when you plug it in) to get a big picture experience.

    And a 4/3 screen but I dunno if that’s possible. Pity lightgun does not work well o na flat monitor (oh well guess the lightbulb trick to the rescue huh?)

    All that said. I like this bit of work.

  8. inutil says:

    shut up and tell me inmediately where i i can get one of these

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