Hackaday Links: January 12, 2014


[Kyle] teaches photography and after being dismayed at the shuttering of film and darkroom programs at schools the world over decided to create a resource for film photography. There’s a lot of cool stuff on here like mixing up a batch of Rodinal developer with Tylenol, lye, and sodium sulphite, and assessing flea market film cameras. There are more tutorials coming that will include setting up a dark room, developing prints, and playing around with large format cameras.

[hifatpeople] built a binary calculator out of LEGO® bricks or toys. It started off as a series of logic gates built out of LEGO® bricks or toys in the LEGO® Digital Designer. These logic gates were combined into half adders, the half adders combined into full adders, and the full adders combined into a huge plastic calculator. Unfortunately, buying the LEGO® bricks or toys necessary to turn this digital design into a physical model would cost about $1000 using the LEGO® Pick-A-Brick service. Does anyone have a ton of LEGO® Technic® bricks or toys sitting around? We’d love to see this built.

Think you need a PID controller and fancy electronics to do reflow soldering in a toaster oven? Not so, it seems. [Sivan] is just using a meter with a thermocouple, a kitchen timer, and a little bit of patience to reflow solder very easily.

The folks at DreamSourceLabs realized a lot of electronic test equipment – from oscilloscopes and logic analyzers to protocol and RF analyzers were all included a sampling circuit. They designed the DSLogic that puts a sampler and USB plug on one board, with a whole bunch of different tools connected to a pin header. It’s a pretty cool idea for a modular approach to test equipment.

Adafruit just released an iDevice game. It’s a resistor color code game and much more educational than Candy Crush. With a $0.99 coupon for the Adafruit store, it’s effectively free if you’re buying anything at Adafruit anytime soon. Check out the video and the awesome adorable component “muppets”.


  1. Miff says:

    Nice avoidance of another Lego/Legos flamewar.

  2. FrankTheCat says:

    That Rodinal recipe is a little too Walter White for me. I feel like I have to buy an old RV, a yellow rain jacket, rubber gloves, an apron and a respirator to make it.

  3. Quin says:

    The choice of film cameras is nice if you just want to learn 35mm. Myself, I prefer to experiment, tweak, and occasionally break an old camera. (only once but painful; lost the set screw to a M42 C.Z. prime). Sure, if you shoot something modern, get a similar all manual body. But don’t dismiss the fun of 1¥ or 120 camera. Even a fixed focus (cheap) TLR is a learning experience. And a Speedflex 4×5 can be pretty cheap.

  4. Ren says:

    Inre: DSLogic kickstarter…

    “Input Channels: 2 Channles”

    Would my contribution help pay for a proofreader?

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