Please Release Your Unused Tickets


The Gathering is next Tuesday and we are starting to get excited about it! There is a waiting list of people who would like a ticket. If you registered for a ticket that you will not be able to to use, please log in and cancel it.

Cancelling your unused ticket will automatically free up a ticket for someone on the waiting list. Cancellation instructions are below. We want to pack the house and making sure no ticket goes unused is important.

Still want to attend? It’s not too late. Add yourself to the waiting list.

Ticket Cancellation

Canceling your ticket is simple. Begin by going to and clicking login in the upper right:


Next choose “My Tickets” near the center of the top navigation bar:


You should now see “Hackaday Party: LA2014″. Click on “View Order”:


Click on the “Cancel Order” button:


That’s it. Thank you for taking the time to make room for someone who is able to attend!


  1. Jim Bedford says:

    if only i lived a little closer than kentucky…

  2. ejonesss says:

    a suggestion:

    if you are unable to get tickets freed up why not generate more tickets.

    maybe have tickets for sale on the spot.

  3. Andrew says:

    “Ticketses”, surely?

  4. Peter says:

    Who from HAD is going to be there? I am looking forward to finally putting faces to the names and possibly hearing the pronunciation of “Szczys” from the man himself.

    • Mike and myself. Everyone else is really spread out over the planet.

      I wouldn’t worry about the pronunciation of ‘Szczys’. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s either a code name or witness protection thing. One tip, though: don’t ask him about the scar, Columbia, or Showbiz Pizza.

      • ColdTurkey says:

        I’m pretty sure the HAD guys had this discussion over skype or something whilst building the crazy pinball table-maze thing during the build-a-thon a couple years ago. IIRC it’s sounds like “Stisch” or something similar. Forgive me for not remembering exactly what the event or build was called. Anyone who saw it/read about it likely knows what i’m referring to.

  5. Random says:

    Thank you to whom ever just cancelled their unused ticket

  6. Anonymous says:

    Two tickets released just now- get ‘em while they’re hot.

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