The PiBoy


What do you do with a broken Gameboy, a 3″ LCD, a pile of wires, a USB SNES controller, a 32gb SD card, and a Raspberry Pi? You make a pocket emulator, of course!

[Anton] decided he wanted to build an emulator awhile ago. He had a few specific goals in mind: it had to be hand-held, portable, child safe, and usable without a keyboard. He started by stripping the broken Gameboy down to its external shell, then removing all of the internal plastic mounting features with a hot soldering iron. Next was the challenge of fitting everything into the case and powering it. Because his 3″ LCD runs off 12V, [Anton] needed a way to get 5V to the Pi. Lucky for him, it turned out that his LCD’s controller board had a 5V test point/expansion pin-out!

From there it was just a matter of reusing the original Gameboy’s speaker, closing up the case, and loading the emulator! As always, there’s a demo video after the break.

Looking for other Raspberry Pi-based emulators? How about kicking it old school with an Atari 2600? Too old? Okay, how about a rather normal looking SNES with its slot sealed shut?


  1. Figureitout says:

    This is cool. Got a lot of gameboys I want to get in and try some hacks on and just got a megamanX2 and X3 for SNES for christmas. Need to fix my original NES; but going to be very careful…classic electronics! Also got a broken original Xbox, going to tear that piece of crap up! lol

  2. mh says:

    Might be just me, but doesnt the piboy bear resemblance to a certain male bodypart? (or maybe its my mind being in a dark place due to just commenting on the my little pony cord exit point)

  3. Truth says:

    How does the PI’s video output to the 3″ LCD does it have S-Video in ?

  4. Tsu says:

    “then removing all of the internal plastic mounting features with a hot soldering iron.”
    Plastic and soldering iron in the same sentence always gives me the creeps :S

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