Pan Flute Hero


The latest creation in the never-ending collection of “____ Hero” instruments is this Raspi-infused pan flute, built by [Sven Andersson] and his team at the 2013 WOW Hackathon. The flute itself consists of varying lengths of bamboo from a local flower shop, cut short enough to be hand-held while still hiding the Pi from the front side. In the spirit of other ‘Hero’ instruments, the pan flute has no real musical functionality. Each pipe houses what appears to be an electret microphone breakout board, which they kept in place by sealing off the end of the pipe with glue.

The sensors connect to the GPIO connector on the Raspi, which communicates to a local TCP/IP server the team ran as a controller hub. The game is also their original creation, written entirely in LUA. They turned to Spotify to find suitable material for the player to experience, creating playlists with actual pan flute songs and using the libspotify SDK to access the music. You can see the end result of the project in a short demo video below.


  1. Mr. Tamnus says:

    I give 2 hoof stomps for this!

  2. Mystick says:

    Pretty sure they’ll probe you at the airport like a trailer park hooker in a UFO for that one :)

    Neat build, though.

  3. echodelta says:

    Does this include the high altitude Altiplano effect? Hypobaric chamber not included.
    Next up Quena Hero. Only 6 buttons.

  4. No NO NOOOOOOO! ok

  5. Hirudinea says:

    Pan flute hero, what about the skin flut… never mind.

  6. strider_mt2k says:


  7. Galane says:

    Ocarina Hero? Melodica Hero? Jews Harp Hero!

  8. Will says:

    Good luck getting that thing through airport security

  9. 1.21Gigawatts says:

    Just don’t be caught walking around the Sochi Olympics with your electronic Pan Flute tucked behind your belt… ;-) Oh and this Zamfir is where it’s at…

  10. Michael says:

    Looks like a six-stick bomb on first sight:-)

  11. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Forget this, I want someone to build Saxophone Hero. Or Bagpipe Hero. Or Grand Piano Hero. Or Pipe Organ Hero. Or Didgeridoo Hero :)

  12. LOL, it looks like a TNT pack + detonator :)

  13. wetomelo says:

    Zampoña Hero!

  14. Rick says:

    Now I can finally let my inner Jethro Tull out to play!

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