HTPC for Lunch


If you’re hungry for a portable HTPC (Home Theatre PC) solution, maybe packing everything into a stylish mini lunch box is the way to go. [tomhung] wanted a quick and easy way to drag his media around while he’s away from home, but in an intentionally portable, self-contained enclosure, and the Star Wars lunch box provided plenty of space for the necessary guts.

Inside, he’s stacked the RasPi and a USB hub on top of one another. Each is mounted to its own platform made out of plastic DVD covers, and kept separate by standoffs carved from what appear to be the casings of inexpensive plastic pens. The stack also includes a 250GB 2.5″ HD, which [tomhung] simply attached with velcro for easy removal. The cables underwent minor surgery to keep the rat’s nest under control, and although the interior may still cause cable management enthusiasts to cringe, the exterior of the box cleans up well for its evening out. [tomhung] fit a simple 6-port keystone wall plate to the face of the lunch box to provide simple connections for all the important plugs.


  1. Jake Shake says:

    PLEASE tell me he DIDN’T use a VINTAGE Star Wars Lunch box for this, and that this is some sort of hipster reproduction box….

  2. pcf11 says:

    At least he didn’t chop up a vintage box.

  3. Hirudinea says:

    For what he paid he could have just stuck an Android TV box in it, much easier, but good concept though.

  4. Ren says:

    Don’t trust the handle on that lunch box, it’ll break at some point while you’re carrying it.

  5. Funkdat says:

    Not a bad idea i bet you could fit a decent battery and a mouse in there also.

  6. rdmilligan says:

    You know, there was a time when you could impress your friends by having a dairylea triangle in your lunch box. Please tell me there’s still room for sandwiches.

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