EmuDroid 4: Completed!


[Tony Huang] is checking in with his EmuDroid 4 gaming controller. After tons of redesigns — it is now finished!

We first started following this project back in November, when it was in an early prototype stage. What he has done is crammed a 4″ Android tablet, the guts of a USB SNES controller, a USB OTG adapter and inductive charging unit into a custom designed 3D printed housing.

What we really like about this project is the level of documentation [Tony] has gone into during his many… many… many iterations of the 3D printed housing. For those of you who aren’t engineers or designers, it’s a great insight into what goes into prototyping a product before release. Now just imagine what it was like when we didn’t have 3D printers!

He’s also apparently giving away a free tablet for a promotion for DroidBuild right now — we’re not too sure if it includes the controller. And if you’re interested in building your own, he’s shared the .STL files on Thingiverse!

Also — what ever happened to that Mickey-Mouse styled Steam Controller Valve announced last fall?


  1. justice099 says:

    This is why I can only see using a 3D printer to make prototypes. Then bondo and sand the crap out of it and make traditional molds and casts of the parts.

    Also, sadly the part I really wanted to learn about this project were the software, etc.. I have been wanting to build an emulator station (not portable) but haven’t even been able to find controllers which actually work with Android.

  2. Galane says:

    USB SNES controller? Where did that come from?

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