3D Printed Cyclone Dust Separator


[Nicholas] has been reading Hackaday for a few months now, and after seeing several people’s dust extractor setups, he decided to make his own 3D printed version. And he’s sharing the files with everyone!

He has a small Lobo mill which produces a lot of dust and to clean up he’s been using a small “Shark” brand vacuum cleaner. It’s a powerful little thing, but has little to no capacity which makes it rather frustrating to use. This makes it a perfect candidate for a cyclone upgrade! If you’re not familiar with cyclonic separator it’s a way of removing dust from air using vortex separation — between rotational forces and gravity, this keeps the dust out of your vacuum cleaner and means you never need to change another filter!

Using Autodesk inventor he designed this 4-stage cyclone separator. It’s made for a 1.75″ OD vacuum hose (the Shark standard) but could be easily modified for different vacuums. We’ve seen lots of cyclone separators before, but this 3D printed one certainly makes it easier to fabricate to exacting standards!


  1. JRDM says:

    Given that the cheapest cyclone dust separator is $50 (an add on for a 5 gallon bucket at that), this might be a worthwhile thing to do.

  2. Clean Sweep says:

    Fwiw, I remember a thread where a vacuum repair guy said shark vacuums are junk. So while the cyclone part of this hack is cool, maybe don’t emulate the vacuum choice.

  3. daniel reetz says:

    One thing that really drastically improves the performance of these systems is using smooth-walled tube. He might get a performance boost just by switching to PVC and as few angles as possible.

  4. echodelta says:

    Considering the Shark’s pedigree and tiny bastard filter, if used for one stationary task not a bad hack.
    I say in one place strapped in against falling over. Keep hose short and smooth, for fastest airflow. Faster means more crap going in.

  5. Nimajamin says:

    Dyson steps in, in 3.. 2.. 1..

  6. davedarko says:

    When I first saw the picture I thought “uhhh, nice robot”

  7. Alan says:

    4 stage? Oh, 4 piece.

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