Interactive 3D Projection is Foggy At Best

fog proj

Have a projector and a smoke machine handy? You might want to give this fog projection thing a shot! It’s called the MisTable and it’s a three-dimensional playground for interactive manipulation of images.

It’s a project by Bristol Interaction and Graphics group of the University of Bristol, and it’s an interesting twist on 3D projection. They’ve created what they call the MisTable which features a smoke machine, “smoke screens”, and three projectors. What it results in is an interactive table for two people. The tabletop surface is a display, as is the see through fog in front of each person (the “fog screens”).

While it is fairly easy to understand and explain, there’s a handy diagram after the following break showing how the system works. Our question is, when are one of you guys or gals going to try making one?


For a much clearer hologram-esq projection, there’s always glass like in the Pepper’s Ghost Illusion! But we have to admit being able to reach through the screen with the MisTable is pretty neat too.

[Thanks Douglas!]


  1. Hirudinea says:

    Does this projector remind anyone of this?

  2. bsnow says:
  3. vivekgani says:

    Interesting. The projectors on top make more sense than projectors behind you (a la displair’s fog screen) if it minimizes the “staring directly into light” effect.

  4. David says:

    Fog and smoke: not exactly the same thing

  5. zxz says:

    My more favoriter hologram:

  6. neimad says:

    People have been projecting on fog and other similar mediums since forever.

    • Dave says:

      I was thinking thesame.. Sure this “set-up” handles the users input, but it’s thesame ol’ projection on fog/smoke kinda thing.

      Wasn’t this done in seaQuest DSV back in the 90s? :D

  7. pcf11 says:

    It really puts the Star Trek Holodeck to shame, NOT!

  8. jordan says:

    I have been working on a fog screen for a while

    This is a really cool take on it!

  9. Ken NYallau says:

    I do understand the value of this project especially from user interaction perspective. But like the rest of you, I agree…I don’t understand is how these guys managed to receive that much attention since fog display with gesture interface has been around for quite some time. See

    If their goal was to achieve a novel collaborative interaction system, I’m pretty sure anybody could achieve the same result (or even better result) by having two people wearing augmented reality wearable displays like MetaPro and start manipulating/sharing images to each other.

    But anyway, their work got published in ACM CHI so I can’t complain too much.

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