Chocolate Quadrotor Proves You Can Make Anything Fly

Chocolate Quadrotor

With the advancements in quadrotor parts and technology over the years, it’s become possible to make just about anything fly if you can strap some high-speed rotors to it. Introducing the first edible quadrotor!

[Michael] enjoys building and flying quadrotors. His girlfriend enjoys baking and making chocolates. One day she had a crazy idea — what if they made a quadrotor together, combining their unique skill sets? [Michael] was a bit skeptical at first. After all, chocolate doesn’t really compare to aluminum or carbon for a frame material… and chocolate melts at room temperature. Regardless — they were curious enough to try it out and see for sure.

First they built a wooden prototype and then created a silicone mold from it. Using Styrofoam and metal spacers for the electronics mounts they filled the mold with chocolate and let it set. A bit of assembly later and they had a chocolate quadrotor. It flies too.


  1. FrankenPC says:

    On the upside, the next time I’m tuning the controller and a crosswind destroys my quad, I can literally eat the devastation.

  2. That one guy says:

    If chocolate melts at room temperature, this project would never get off the ground. We’d also never have chocolate on the shelves at the store.

  3. Pedro says:

    chocopter :D

  4. Mike Lu says:

    Someone in a cold climate should try it with butter. Can you say “butter fly”?

  5. Josh Martin says:

    Meh I say ice!

  6. joee says:

    I once made a small model airplane with (uncooked) spaghetti and covered in saran wrap!

  7. Waterjet says:

  8. aoeuidhtns- says:

    Eat it already :D

  9. vonskippy says:

    I’m thinking hoax. No way mere chocolate has the structural integrity to hold together.

    Maybe chocolate flavoured epoxy resin, but plain old chocolate – I think not.

  10. r4k says:

    Not the first edible quad.

    Prior art made from a carrot:

  11. Mr Name Required says:

    Not edible, but it sort of fits in with the theme – the cat copter:

  12. Rick says:

    shark. jumped.

    this point was reached in the foam RC community when someone demonstrated first the 3D capable foam cube, and lastly the perfectly controllable flying cheap grocery store cooler. every other “look what I made fly!” was merely derivative.

    Once the flying cat corpse copter was done, everything else is “find something else to fly” but nothing is different other than the shape and the material.

    with enough battery and motor, anything can be a multicopter and fly. Hell, people have even demonstrated human capable units. Does it matter if it’s made out of compressed toilet paper, 3d printed out of free range tree latex, or hammered out of parts of old shovels anymore?

  13. liuite says:

    I would go with a chocolate wafer composite

  14. JimmyNeutron111 says:

    Ahh, I miss Girlfriend. Ever since the upgrade to Wife, legacy support for *my* interests seems to decrease with each patch.

    (Sorry, oldie but goodie.)

  15. Something something Icarus flying too close to the sun

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