What Could Possibly Go Wrong Giving a Robot a Chainsaw?

Chainsaw wielding robot

[Morgan Rauscher] is a rather eccentric artist, inventor, maker, professor… jack of all trades. His latest project is called the Art-Bot – and it’s an 8′ robotic arm equipped with a chainsaw. Did we mention you can control it via arcade buttons?

He’s been building sculptures for over 10 years now, and has enjoyed observing the evolution of automated manufacturing – from CNC machines to laser cutters and even now, 3D printers. He loves the technologies, but fears machines are making it too easy – distancing us from the good old physical interaction it once took to make things with a few simple tools. His Art-Bot project attempts to bridge that gap by bringing tactile transference to the experience.

The cool part about the Art-Bot is that it is mostly made of recycled materials – in particular, bicycle parts!

Making a robot from bicycle parts is really not that difficult, and I highly recommend it.

The rest of the robot consists of electric actuators (linear), the control circuitry, and of course — a chainsaw. For safety’s sake, [Morgan] also built a polycarbonate wall around it to protect users from it going on a murderous rampage wood chips and other debris thrown from the robot.

[Via MAKE]


  1. Hyratel says:

    impressive build, and I hope that’s good heavy acrylic/polycarbonate sheilding for the enclosure

  2. Peter says:

    There is no words to describe how cool this thing….

  3. Robot arm with a chainsaw? Could be worse.

  4. gao says:

    What’s the accuracy and repeatability of this robot arm?

  5. Hamidreza Karbasi says:

    Will somebody please think of the singularities!

  6. Bones says:

    “The cool part about the Art-Bot is that it is mostly made of recycled materials”

    I respectly posit that the cool part about the Art-Bot is the fact that it’s a controllable robot with a chainsaw.

  7. William DeRieux says:

    Those buttons on the left, look like the paw print of bear or other creature.

  8. r0r0 says:

    Reminded me of this remote controlled chainsaw: http://2012.fursr.com/?p=329

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