George Crowdsourcington: A 3D Printed, Community Built Statue

George Crowdsourcington and Distributed Ben Franklin

Macro 3D printing is some cool stuff — but it’s extremely time consuming and can be very expensive. Introducing We The Buildersa 3D printing crowd source site which creates large scale projects the whole country can enjoy.

Their first project was George Crowdsourcington — a 1:1 copy of the Baltimore George Washington statue made out of 110 individual pieces. They chopped the model up into 4″ cubes and created the website in order to organize and distribute the files. One of their sponsors, Tinkerine Studio, reimbursed the shipping costs for makers who helped print out parts! Since his creation, Crowdsourcington has traveled all over the country, making stops at 3D printing shows in New York, mini-Maker Faires, art galleries, science centers and more — he even did a short residency in the Adafruit office in Manhattan!

It was quite the success, so they’re starting a new statue called the Distributed Ben Franklin. This one has a whopping 198 pieces, and they hope to have it built in time for the Silver Spring and World Maker Faires.

[Todd Blatt], one of the organizers has done some other pretty cool projects in the past — including the Tickle-Me-Elmo: Carbonite Edition.



  1. pelrun says:

    I had to go digging to find a photo that showed the true size of that print. They should have included a banana.

  2. Todd Blatt says:

    Wll chopper work on meshes, or just nurbs-based cad models? Where can I find the program? I’ll look into it. We tried using cc3dprinttech’s ‘chopper’ clone but it is only goot for autocad, inventor, and solidworks models, and the Distributed Ben Franklin model has way too many polygons for those programs

    • Waterjet says:

      How many polygons are we talking about?

      Materialize’s Magics can do this as well.but it’s a manual process rather than optimized algorithmically.

      Chopper might be open to releasing the code? I don’t see any links but it would be great if they open sourced it.

    • Waterjet says:

      Do you have a link for “cc3dprinttech’s ‘chopper’ clone”?

  3. mike says:

    Excellent, giant sculptures of plastic.

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