Eagle 5 overview

Not sure how we missed this when it was originally published, but our friend [Ian Lesnet] at DIY Life posted an overview of Cadsoft’s new release Eagle 5. This upgrade seems to be all usability tweaks-it really took 5 versions before you could right click? They also made CTRL+Z undo. Really. Eagle3D works nearly the same as before, but has a few changes to help you figure out why certain parts aren’t rendering. We’re happy to see the OSX version is now Universal and no longer needs X11.

DIY condensor microphone

[wiesi] sent in his latest condenser mic. Rather than use pre-built components, he built from scratch (except the discrete components). He’s on his second iteration, and things look pretty good. This tends to be the sort of project that amateur radio guys go for… oh wait, I am one.


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