CES: Guts Guts Guts

We knew going into CES that we had to find some pictures of guts. It didn’t matter what it was, if there were guts showing, we snapped a picture. We were a little let down that the guts we found were basically consumer goods like cameras, TVs, and tons of amplifiers. The amplifier guts were so prolific, we actually just stopped taking pictures.  We were hoping for some insides of tablets and such. There may not be anything new here for you, but if you are like us, you just can’t help but look. Join us after the break for a gallery.

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CES: Pleo shows its guts.

We reported that Pleo was given a second chance a while back, but it was great to see it in person. We got to pet a stock one, and it seemed very responsive like we’ve heard, and turned its head whenever it was pet, but as hackers, we enjoyed seeing it with the skin ripped off.

Zune gutted

bunnie has gotten his hands on a Zune and done the best thing you could possibly do with one: tear it apart. Here’s a HiRes picture of the board. bunnie does note that the Freescale iMX31L is full of potential.


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