Wiremap, a volumetric display

While at The Last HOPE this year, we were fortunate enough to see Wiremap, a volumetric display made from thread. Using a projector and 256 individual strands of cotton thread, [Albert Hwang] produces 3D effects. The result is a visually stunning piece of work.

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The Last Hope schedule finalized, preregister now

The schedule for this year’s The Last Hope conference in New York City has been finalized, and there’s still time to preregister. Today is the last chance for overseas attendants to preregister, and the rest of you have until July 6th. A/V volunteers are still needed, so step up if you have the desire and skills.

The three-day conference will feature three tracks of scheduled talks, plus one track for unscheduled talks by registered attendees. You can view the full schedule interactively, in wiki format, or in conventional format. It takes place between July 18th and July 20th; hurry up and snag your tickets now. We’re interested in all the talks, but [Chris Seidel]‘s talk on biohacking, NYC Resistor’s presentation about collaborative hardware hacking, and [Ray]‘s demonstration on escaping high security handcuffs have us waiting in rapt anticipation. So who’s going? What are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments.


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