Extremely organized prototyping

We’ve got a couple of very high-tech shoe boxes in which we store our prototyping accessories. You’ll find a collection of LCD modules, chips on breakout boards, switches soldered to homemade boards for easy breadboarding, and much more. That is assuming you can find anything in that mess of components.

[Shahriar] took a different approach. He’s mounted all of his prototyping gear inside of a briefcase. This large collection of high-end boards include PIC prototyping, various LCD screens, and a large portion of SparkFun’s stocked boards. It’s much more advanced than the Arduino to-go platform, and you can see a full walk through of the system after the break.

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Pegboard cable organizer

In our integrated desk post, we mentioned using pegboards and zip ties to organize cables. Lifehacker has a collection of pictures from their readers that are using this solution. We especially love [Steve Price]‘s fliptop solution pictured above. It may not look too attractive, but we’d do pretty much anything to avoid crawling under a desk.


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