We’re Hiring


The title says it all. We need more writers to keep the fresh hacks coming, now’s your chance to apply for the job.

Contributors are hired as private contractors and paid for each post. Writers should have the technical expertise to understand the projects they are writing about, and a passion for the wide range of topics we feature. If you’re interested, please email our jobs line and include:

  • Details about your background (education, employment, etc.) that make you a valuable addition to the team
  • Links to your blog/project posts/etc. which have been published on the Internet
  • One example post written in the voice of Hack a Day. Include a banner image, 150 words, the link to the project, and any in-links to related and relevant Hack a Day features.

Words of encouragement

First off, we won’t be discussing compensation publicly. Want to know what we pay? Send in a successful application and we’ll talk about it.

Secondly, don’t pass up this opportunity. I watched one of these posts go by and waited another year before I saw the next one and applied. Now I’m running the place. Our team is made up of avid readers. If you’re passionate about the stuff here and you have a few hours each week to do some writing you need to apply now!

Why are we hiring more writers?

You may have noticed that we’re starting to send people to events, and continuing our push to develop our own unique original content. Both of these take time and we need more team members to fill in the publishing schedule so that the Hackaday community gets the posts that it deserves.

So what are you waiting for? Ladies and Gentlemen, start your applications!

We’re Hiring


The title says it all. We need more writers to keep the fresh hacks coming, now’s your chance to apply for the job.

UPDATE: Thank you for all of the applications. I have made the first round of offers to a select few. Narrowing it down to a handful was difficult as so many highly qualified, avid readers sent in applications. You are still welcome to submit an application which we’ll keep on file, but I don’t anticipate making any more offers at this time.

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Hackaday Staff Update


It’s been just over three weeks since Supply Frame bought Hackaday and a lot has been going on. Almost all of it has been behind the scenes as we make our way through the scaffolding that was built up over the years to run the site. I’ll share more on that as things develop. But now I’d like to introduce you to the staff.

We’ve actually had a staff page for about a year but I’m not sure it was ever announced. Check out the Staff roll call to see a picture and bio of each of our team members. [Brian Benchoff] and I make up the editorial team. [Eric Evenchick] joins us once again as a writer. And over the last couple of weeks we hired [Mathieu Stephan] (aka Limpkin), [Josh Marsh], and [Michael Ciuffo] (aka ch00f). The six of us come from a wide range of backgrounds. We have interests and skill sets that complement each other, and as we get used to working as a team this will equate to better features and more original content. Please join me in welcoming the new writers, and long live Hackaday!



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