HID Dive light

dive light

Dive gear has become so commercialized that DIY diving equipment is almost frowned upon. The dive light group that lives on msn is full of design ideas and how-to’s for building some custom dive gear. My favorite is the HID cannister dive light. The light head is made from a maglite flashlight. Either a HID lamp/ballast made for ATVs or a cheap MR16 halogen is used. The batteries are contained in a seperate waterproof cannister. (Yes, I love to dive. I’ll be building some of these as soon as I buy a mini-lathe.)

7 thoughts on “HID Dive light

  1. I thought about making one of these once, and had a better cheaper idea.

    All that stops a regular flashlight from working underwater is that it either,
    1. compresses due to the weight of the water.
    2. water gets inside and shorts it out.

    The whole reason they implode is because the water compresses the air inside. So… What if you fill a flashlight “Led because regular bulbs contain compressable gas.” with a liquid? One that wont compress or a gel that wont be pushed out by water. Then just make it water tight “or not if you use a thick jell.” and have at it. Obviously you’d need to use metals that wouldent rust, and a liquid that doesent conduct, Like distilled water, or vasaline or something.

    Would’nt this work?
    Why, or why not.

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