GVIF (Prius) display hacking

This is almost a lack of hack, but it bugs me. In 2006, Toyota changed the video interface on the Prius LCD display. The new system uses GVIF (Gigabit Video InterFace) rather than RGBs as before. So far success has been limited to some early commercial devices. Considering the number of guys that like to hack their cars, I’m hoping to see some diy solutions developed. The industry seems to be pushing GVIF in the same manner as HDMI for home theater – it even supports HDCP. Unfortunately, it seems that multiple displays are still the best option for now.

14 thoughts on “GVIF (Prius) display hacking

  1. So… Why not replace the screen with another one? The converter box costs somewhere around $500 bucks. I’m sure you could get a touchscreen for that price that already has SVGA inputs on it.

  2. I just got the Lockpick 3 device from coastaletech.com, and used it to feed NTSC composite video into the multi-function display on my 2007 Prius. I am using this to display the video output of my Icom IC-7000 amateur radio transceiver.

    The video part of the wire harness DOES NOT appear to plug into the Coastal device. It plugs into the back of the multi-function display. All the Coastal device does, apparently, is enable the multi-function display to read its video input. The Coastal device masquerades as an AVC-Lan-connected DVD player.

    So, either the Prius does not use a GVIF digital video format, or the display comes with its own NTSC converter.

    The only digital video adapter sold for the Prius, by Cardemand and others, is a scan converter. I am convinced that it outputs NTSC composite.

    GVIF is so new that it seems rather unlikely that it would have been used that way. There aren’t enough pixels on the Prius display to make it necessary, and I don’t think anyone is using it for DRM yet.

    – Bruce

  3. I am interested in replacing the touchscreen with an RGB, circmventing the GVIF converter (if it exists) and preserving all OEM funtions and content. I want to use the touchscreen to add an interface for an indash PC. I don’t want to add an additional screen for this (as its not very appealing).

    Has anyone else looked into this approach? Where do I hack into the touch screen input and the RGB signal to circumvent the GVIF?

  4. Dude, stop spreading misinfo. I’ve looked at the back of my 2012 non-nav display. The harness for the backup cam is there & should support composite video. White red black orange wire. I’ll update when I get a raspberry pi running.

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