Cellphone hack-off

Today we received two very interesting hacks utilizing old cellphones within a matter of minutes of each other – Of course, this means war!

In the left corner we have the Mobile Mobile, a 50 cell phone collection dangling high above our heads by [James]. Loyal readers will remember his last match, a physical realization of the Spinning Wheel of Death. But today, Mobile Mobile tries to keep his title with the use of Twitter and live video.

In the right corner we have competition and newcomer  [Timo] and his Cellphone Symphony. With a combined amount of 150 cell phones including sim cards, he is going to be one tough cookie. It’s all down to this folks.

Both utilize MIDI to try and lift spirits this holiday season by playing music and sounds. Servers and custom software are of course both necessities… but who will be the winner? Check out after the break!

Round 1: Reaction Time
After pinging the cellphones, [James] and his team were able to knock response time down to 2ms. While [Timo] chose to use pre-existing cell phone networks, thus resulting in a 6 second delay. Mobile Mobile double jabs and gets a point.

Round 2: Press and Performance
The Cellphone Symphony might be wounded, but it’s definitely not out. Boasting a record for visiting the Estonia Concert Hall, where hundreds have enjoyed this unique performance. Mobile Mobile however has been hunkered down to only one small office. A left cross followed by an upper cut from the Symphony and it looks like it might be over.

Round 3: Final Stand
It’s down to this folks, I don’t know how much more suspense I can take. This truly has been a gruelling eye for eye match, but there can only be one grand champion of champions. Wait! Whats this? Both contenders are down after a double right hook. I can’t believe it, it’s a knock out, no winner!

7 thoughts on “Cellphone hack-off

  1. Mobile Mobile wasn’t just pinging their phones, they were using a local WiFi network, from what I can tell.

    Seeing as Cellphone Symphony takes some major stretching to make musical, I’d say Mobile Mobile wins.

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