RFID readers, writers, and spoofers

[Carl] has done a lot of work developing a collection of RFID hardware. The two cards you see above are spoofers that can be programmed in the field using the keypad on the left, or the rather intimidating banks of DIP switches on the right. We also enjoyed his look at the Atmel T5557 and ATA5567 on-card chips used for the tags themselves. He shared the schematics for his designs but unfortunately he’s not distributing the firmware. None-the-less, if you’re interested in learning more about RFID this is a wonderful resource as it covers readers, writers, spoofer, and tags.

12 thoughts on “RFID readers, writers, and spoofers

  1. Still not an RFID sniffer. Build a device which able to copy RFID cards in seconds.

    Eg.: you put near to a hotelroom rfid card then it downloads it to its memory and then after u set a switch and put another card near to it, it writes it out.

    Since RFID has no security by designs it should be an easy task. Kinda stupid that hotels started using it.

  2. It makes me sad when firmware isnt posted. I would make a section for stingy bastards who dont post code :) And then the normal HAD for people who are cool and post code.

    Perhaps im being harsh?

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