Learning to walk, a tutorial on making bipeds walk

[Robert Lam] has produced a number of video tutorials, his latest being a tutorial on how to make a biped robot walk. He is mainly covering the individual motions and actions. He doesn’t go into any specific programming, but rather breaks down the act of walking into several motions and discusses the reason you need them as well as some variations. For some this will seem like obvious observations, but we’ve seen plenty of biped robots that attempt to walk without shifting their weight.You can watch this video after the break, but be sure to dig around in some of his other tutorials for plenty of good stuff.

8 thoughts on “Learning to walk, a tutorial on making bipeds walk

  1. By defintion a robot is a closed loop system, if not, it is just an automata.

    And those who think that 3$ for a mems accel. is high priced will be surprise when they will see the price of the servos

  2. This is a very good tutorial.
    Even with accelerometers & gyros, making a biped walk is a challenge. I’m speaking from experience. While math does come in handy, once you start working with bipeds, you’ll find that it is much more organic and hands on that you may have initially imagined.

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