dsPIC-based spectrum analyzer


[Debraj] wrote to us describing a project he recently completed – a  simple, compact spectrum analyzer using a 16-bit dsPIC microcontroller.

The analyzer is fed an analog signal, which is passed through a large resistor followed by an opamp. A DC offset is then applied to the signal, after which it is passed through a software-programmable gain amplifier before being fed into the dsPIC’s analog input. A Fast Fourier Transform calculation is done using code provided by the PIC’s manufacturer once 128 samples have been collected. The results are then displayed on the attached LCD in real-time.

If you get a chance, take a look at the video embedded below for a walkthrough and demonstration of his analyzer. [Debraj] says that the analyzer was built to measure harmonics in his home power lines, but for demonstration purposes, he has used a simple function generator instead.

If you’re interested in seeing some other spectrum analyzers, be sure to check out these items we featured in the past.

6 thoughts on “dsPIC-based spectrum analyzer

  1. You sound like an ENGG2800 student?

    What im interested in is the hardware? Can anyone explain the power supply setup? is it getting a DC in and splitting it with a virtual ground?

  2. Nice work,n nice presentation in all respect.speed,sound quality, and to the point .
    I am trying to implement FFT for power line with freescale controller. IF you have any idea,suggestions it will be great help for me.

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