Detroit Meetup This Friday


The plans are made, the swag has shipped, are you going to show up or what? Friday night at 8pm we’re having a Hackaday Meetup at i3 Detroit. That link is how you get your free ticket.

You can come for the hacking, the leisure time, or just to score a free shirt and enough stickers to avoid actually repainting that 1991 POS you call a car.

i3 is offering up their facilities for those that want to work on projects or just hang out. They share a roof with B Nektar so there are an amazing array for tasty beverages available (part of the reason we’re calling this an 18+ event). There’s even talk of parking a food truck out front for the night but they’re still working on that.

Bring some hardware to show off and see if you can keep up with the yarns that [Brian Benchoff], [Chris Gammell], and [Mike Szczys] are known to spin.

12 thoughts on “Detroit Meetup This Friday

  1. Looks like fun!

    I’m looking at the area using Google map and street view, and I see about 10 parking spaces across the street from the given address. Is there any more parking available? I’d park roadside, but there are no-parking signs all up Wanda Street; given it’s Ferndale, not Detroit city proper, getting towed is not something I want to risk while driving a full-size truck.

  2. Have fun and put something together for me-getting a stone removed and will be laid up Friday. Hope everyone is safe and if you have never seen the light tunnel at DTW, get ready. It is a time machine that takes you back to being 8 years old at epcot ;) If anyone needs a place to crash holler at me here and we will see what we can work out. I call dibs on the couch :)

      1. Well of course, OmniCorpDetroit is hosting the official RBC afterparty Saturday evening, and they have a really cool space, so that’s virtually mandatory. But during the day? Hmmm.. I think the Red Bull festivities at Eastern Market probably won’t hold one’s attention the whole time. Checking out Marvin’s Marvelous Mechanical Museum is absolutely worth it, and a fine use of an hour or three.

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