Pimp My Geiger Counter

In case your blissfully unaware of the radiation levels in your own home and city, did you know you can buy Arduino compatible Geiger Counters? They aren’t even that expensive! But, like any Arduino compatible board –they need a bit of dressing up to look like the real deal. [Folkert van Heusden] shows us his design, complete with directional LEDs and a laser cut enclosure.

He bought his first Geiger counter module a few years ago from Sparkfun — they retail for about 150 bones so they aren’t exactly cheap. But then he found an equivalent one on Aliexpres for about a quarter the cost — what did he have to lose? Really, he just wanted a cheap one he could walk around with and maybe scare his coworkers. 

Using his trusty laser cutter, he built an enclosure for the board and his Arduino. Then he populated it with LEDs to display more information. A nice big 7-segment display shows off the number of radioactive particles detected in the past hour, and past minute, and an LED bar display shows the count to the last second — i.e. if this thing is fully lit up you’d probably better get out of there!

Curious to learn more about radiation? [Veritasium] filmed an excellent adventure — to some of the most radioactive places on earth.

We’ve seen lots of Geiger counter builds over the years, and one of our favorites is this solid state version [Toumal] built.

9 thoughts on “Pimp My Geiger Counter

  1. Did you catch that radiation astronauts are exposed to? So.. something to consider with the HaD contests, maybe 100 grand cash is better than astronautics after all.

    incidentally, due to the known pattern of bullshit from the anti-smoking league on all levels of science and medical professionals, I’m not taking those numbers as being precise, although yes there is radiation..But how much is only possible to be found out by testing yourself not by listening to official statements. (nor from youtubes financed by the anti-smoking fanatics and specifically made for one purpose.)

    1. Whatnot, please tell me more. I’d love to make some cash writing youtube comments. It sounds like this anti-smoking league has some deep pockets. The multi-billion dollar tobacco industry doesn’t stand a chance. /s

      1. Yeah I’m like one of those tin-foil hat guys who probably also thinks there’s a NSA and silly things like that, merely basing myself on overwhelming evidence.
        Man I’m silly.
        Maybe I’m suffering from a mental issue caused by secondary smoke, where parts of my brain are working that should not be working in modern society.
        Anyway I’ll take a deep breath from the clean safe air from coal powered plants/chenobyl and such and will rethink my stance.

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