Add text to speech to a Garmin C510/530 GPS

[josh] pointed out this hack for Garmin C510 and C530 GPS units. The newer C550 and C580’s feature text to speech directions. [Phil Hornby] put together a walk through that will add this valuable feature to the older units. He took advantage of the firmware similarities of the various Garmin units and got it working. The hack requires some compromises due to memory constraints, but it’s pretty straight forward.


  1. danadamkof says:

    My favorite type of hack, using software to make a device more like an expensive/newer model :).

  2. Meghan says:

    May be due to their dislike.

  3. Stan says:

    Awesome! I just bought the C530 the day before for $298 including shipping at Buydig. Lack of TTS was my only gripe and now I’ve got no reason to be sad :)

  4. meir says:

    Anyone try this on the c330 with the c340 firmware?

  5. Claudio says:

    Take care not to update the firmware of your C510 / C530: the new version (released today, 29.3.07) will disable this hack.

    Best regards

  6. meir says:

    I tried it on my c330 and it didn’t work. I lost all voice prompts and had to not only reinstall the c330 ones but reflash my firmware.

  7. meena says:

    garmin nuvi 265wt rocks!

  8. I feel so good when I read helpful articles like this on the internet.

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