Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun

What is the best thing about making a computer program that targets and kills anything that enters its sight? Why giving it a weapon, of course! No, we are not talking for real, but the next best thing, an Autonomous Paintball Sentry Gun.

The autonomous part of the device comes from a pc on the sideline and is fed input though a standard webcam. The feed is ran though a processing script where, once accustomed to the background has the option to fire at anything it sees moving, or a nice point n click manual mode.

The Arduino part is in a the role of driving the servo motors for X/Y movement and a trigger and is powered by a fist full of D cell batteries to give plenty of time for fun. Also, be sure to check out our other sentry guns, one using Microchip PIC, and another sporting a super compact computer running Ubuntu


  1. Avaviel says:

    So if you want to live, find some portable trees.

  2. Khai says:

    (Gun shown is Airsoft. not available in all areas. please wait before swimming. may contain nuts.)

  3. Barefoot says:

    After reading the headline my first thought was, “sigh… another one?”

  4. snipplet says:

    wow Barefoot, you have been here for a while!
    Thank you for pointing that out because this article only links to those posts and you didnt comment on them..

    I myself love when they show different ways of doing something

  5. I/j Dee-Vo says:

    After reading the headline my first thought was, “Cool another one!”

  6. fartface says:

    I really wish someone sould make these with real servos instead of the toys from a hobby shop. you should be able to target and aim in less than 1/50th of a second.

    Please someone that has access to real servos and a CNC shop make a nice real sentry… please!

  7. fartface says:

    Bonus points if you use an IR beacon to do IFF

  8. macw says:

    Seems like a rechargeable motorcycle battery would be a better power source than a bunch of D-cells. Unless of course it’s meant to be a static system — I don’t see many people dragging their laptops out to the paintball field. In that case just use an AC adapter.

    That one a while back that had the laptop, turret, and power supply all mounted in a briefcase that you could just drop, open and set up in seconds — that was way cooler IMO.

  9. kdkk says:

    if it was a real gun i would be impressed. they could make arduino and ubuntu team up to kill anything that moves.

  10. brad says:

    this was a triumph. i’m making a note here: huge success.

  11. Barefoot says:
  12. macw says:

    @kdkk it looks like it could be converted to use a real gun in a few minutes — it’s just a servo pulling a trigger. Put a semiautomatic rifle in there instead and you’ve got an extremely dangerous, deadly and illegal device.

  13. loulinkj7 says:

    What image processing algorithm(s) did you use? How hard was it to learn? I’m a computer engineer myself so the hardware part of this is pretty neat but I’d like to get into image processing.

  14. says:

    I’d like to see one of these made into an anti-vandalism/tagger gun. Add some sensors to activate the system when it smells aerosol paint, target the tagger and paint them.

  15. macw says:

    @loulinkj7 If he wrote his own algorithms I’m completely amazed — I’ll bet it’s just an implementation of the well-established stuff in OpenCV. Look into that if you want to get started…there are versions of it for everything from C to ActionScript and it does most of the image processing automatically.

  16. John4 says:

    I’ve checked out all of the different sentry projects and found that is by far the best so far.

  17. Jeditalian says:

    does it go for the headshot? it should go for the nut-shot so you don’t need eye protection.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the homemade sapper to go with it?

  19. PocketBrain says:

    Are you still there?

  20. MrBishop says:

    @brad: My thoughts exactly.

    I love these projects, it makes me want to setup a bunch of 22mm semi automatic rifles or the like. Thats some nice Anti-Zombie technology right there, add some solar panels for self recharging and Wifi with a Cantenna. Oh yeah I’m feeling safer just thinking about it.

  21. Kyle says:

    Same post, different day, and that’s an AIRSOFT gun – Your standard idiot can look at the picture and tell you that.

  22. Donald says:

    I agree that the one on thesentryproject is good compared to all the others but.. The kit cost $550. The kit includes about $15 iron pipe and $20 in cheap servos and free open source software. In the 5 minute video there was only about 4 or 5 strikes on the target at a distance of more than 30 feet and those 4 or 5 strikes were after emptying a 100 round hopper about 5 times. Less than %1 accuracy. The white goomba face stayed white almost the whole video.

    It would be nice to see somebody with CNC building experience do a project like this. If there’s one thing machinists know it’s rigidity. That mixed with a little Speed-Direction predicting algorithm would be king.

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