ipod firmware hack part iii

ipod hack

there’s an update to ipodwizard which allows you to change the images on your ipod, like the do not dissconnect screen, battery images, etc. in this update you can view the strings and edit character metrics, the next update that will come out soon will allow the editing of the strings, and that’s when it gets really interesting.


  1. Hops says:

    For those interested in learning how to do this on the mac, goto http://austin.mit.edu/ipod

    It is a command line version, but gets the job done quite well.

  2. CJ says:

    The firmwares for mac and pc are the same, right?
    I have a mac, and I wanted to know if anyone would except the task of sending me a firmware replacing the “do not diconnect” with a pic at this site? http://www.richard.hare.dsl.pipex.com/u2info4.html (the pic is under and to the left of the top pic
    I have an ipod mini, and my address is bigshow9889@yahoo.com

  3. CJ says:

    I have also tried ipodedit fifty times, but no succcess

  4. sebastien says:

    You know i really like reading the how-to’s but ready a bunch of threads is a little anoying cauz you have to skim to it all and thers a bunch of useless posts and you just get lost in it…

  5. Sly says:

    the thing about the compile version is that i have absolutely no idea how to compile in c, would a kind soul please send me the compiled program or how to use the thing? i have xcode and developer tools installed, thank you

  6. Jordie says:

    I dunno about the rest of you but I’ve had enough of this IPOD/Mac crap to last a lifetime.

    Lets start getting some real hacks, none of this ‘oh it might work but it’s probbaly fake’ or ‘change the stupid picture on your ipod to some ‘hello kitty’ crap.
    I mean c’mon! This is a joke, lets do something more intensive than running someone elses program.

    Lets crack the sucker open and go nuts! It’s not like we’re opening the thing up to pull out the current hard drive, and install a new one for some major savings. Or add memory to the device so it can run 3rd party apps…

    Thx for listening to my rant. :>

  7. jason says:

    #6 you suck

  8. Logan says:

    I agree with #7. Jordie, you want better hacks? MAKE THEM. Do your iPod uber-hack and I can virtually guarantee that it’ll be posted here, and all over the internets.

  9. Txoof says:

    There’s a great new site dedicated to the software used to hack the ipod firmware. You can find it at http://www.will-burn.net/ There’s a small but growing community there with all sorts of great resources poping up every day.

  10. eazy says:

    well..i dont kno if anyone is still tring to do this on their ipod thru a mac os..but if u are u can always use “alterpod” the website for the download has been changed but u can google it..its pretty simple works almost just like the wizard for windows..i did my 20 gb ipod that way…worked like a charm..i was able to edit the do not disconnect image and most of the text. ie.instead of ipod on the top of the screen it says eazy..but if anyone can tell me how to change da apple when the ipod boots..please id liek to get rid of that apple..and couldnt no matter how hard i tried

  11. Obie aka Littlegodstaff says:

    Hey does any one now how to do this willout breaking your warrenty? cuz my ipod already broke once and I got it replaced and i relly wanna try this

  12. patrick c says:

    i ve been trying to get this to work for some time, but ever since itunes 7 came out i cannot open the uploader. i get a message saying that “this version of ipod updater is no longer supported. you must now update your ipod with itunes 7.0 . close this updater and use itunes to update.” but the thing is, it wont even let me close it, it just closes itself. any suggestions?

  13. madz says:

    what kind of ipod is that one

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