Enable Bluetooth Headsets On Ipaqs

enable bluetooth headsets on ipaqs

here’s one hack a day pal lars sent in…

there is a reg. key you can edit to enable bluetooth headsets on ipaq.
put 1 insted of 0 in:


and add a DWORD Enabled=1 Enabled=1 to


and also there is a key in softwaremediaplayer that has somthing in the lines of play unsupported=0 (off) enabeling it must do something but i dont know what,but i supose U people could figure it out.

so if you have a bluetooth headset for your phone and have a bluetooth ipaq, there’s a good chance you can use your headset to listen to audio through the headset.

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Better Usb Wireless Security

usb security

there’s a pretty slick device called the “thanko usb pc lock” that will unlock and lock your pc based on how close your are to it (physically).

the only downside is the software that comes with seems a bit wonky, but–bryan batchelder rolled up a better version which to address all the complaints we had, the future features look pretty sweet too.

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How-to Record On Your Ipod (for Free)


apple cripples recording on an ipod so belkin and griffin then have to sell us add-on devices for over $50 that can only record at 8khz, which is all pretty shitty. apparently (the rumor is) apple does this so people don’t use their ipods to record stuff they think we shouldn’t, like concerts, whatever.

but don’t worry, there’s a way around it and you can record at high quality, all for free.

1. Install Podzilla on your iPod (not all models are supported).
2. Boot in to Linux on your iPod.
3. Go to Extras > Recordings, choose 8,32,44.1,88.2 or 96kHz the higher, the better quality.
4. Record via Line In a microphone or even use your headphones.
5. Boot back in to the normal iPod OS plug in to the doc, grab your files from the iPod in the “Recordings” folder.

i suspect the next version of the ipod won’t allow booting in to linux and/or this type of recording. enjoy it while you can.

with all the podcasting people out there apple should consider not crippling our ipods so we can all use ipods to record, apple could do this now with a simple software update… or i guess i can keep booting in to linux and never update this ipod or just buy a cheap recorder, bah.

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Linux Your Ipod

linux your ipod

jeez, a ton of people must have received ipods over the last month, everyone keeps sending in ipod hacks. here’s one that /. covered earlier, putting linux on your ipod. i had played with this before, but this version is pretty solid, new games, sound, recording, image viewing (see picture above) on 3g ipods, and you can dual boot. it’s kinda cool to dual boot and geek out with some penguin flavored ipod, i suspect all the features not in our ipods now might eventually show up on custom builds like this later.

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