Thursday Nano Hacks: Hiatus


Well, easyJet managed to lose Fabienne’s luggage, which had the Nano hack for the week. Clearly, this is the work of AOL. Here are some new links from readers. More links coming up later tonight.

[quachified]‘s brother keeps his Nano in an Orbit gum sleeve.

[Antonomie]‘s metallic case and his previous trident case

[Ian Nott]‘s iPod fuzzy for the Nashville winters


  1. Jack says:

    I did this a few weeks ago. Kind of shoddy, because it was done just to protect the nano from scratches on the second day I had it. I can operate the nano without taking it out of the case. Plus, peppermint is way better.

  2. idris says:

    I did the same with a free postcard the first days I used my nano. But this only a short term solution…

  3. me says:

    These are not hacks. This is like arts and crafts in elementary school. If I put an ipod nano in a sock would you post that?

  4. Whiterabit says:

    Do u guys remeber the site that was on digg i while back it has a list of all the tech podcast and vidcast


  5. Klunkers says:

    Is it just me or are all of these people making these cutouts high on red bull? seriously they must have been shaking pretty badly to have cut such crooked lines.
    #3 made me choke the last line was so funny!!

  6. travis says:

    whoa THREE whole links? damn you guys are on a roll.

    this site has been getting exponentially worse since the beginning of the summer. and you guys are owned by aol? wow that sucks ass. so do your “hacks”.

    yea #3 is awesome

  7. says:

    Create your own blog then!

  8. Blahblrhman says:

    Does the fuzzy wuzzy one fuzzy on the inside?!? (To protect the nice little iPod nano!)…
    P.S This site is going downhill (REALLY!!!)

  9. just this guy says:

    Those are some crappy looking nanos.

    I didn’t know there were so may ways to make a decent electronic device look like total ass!!
    Leave it to the ipod folks.

    Why not just get or make a cloth bag like the GB Micro comes in?
    Or buy more robust devices?

  10. me says:


    you mean a cloth bag like a sock right. everyone keep you eyes open for my sock mod coming this october.

  11. petr0lb0mb says:

    hAlloween iPod hAck:
    my iPod is going to dress up as a pirate for a Halloween party it was invited to! Arrrrr!
    Then my iPod is gonna make the scurvy webmaster of this wretched site walk the plank.
    For the party, AOL is gonna dress up as my iPod’s wench. My iPod is gonna get AOL drunk and bring it home where it’s gonna give A-Hole-L the rogering of it’s life. Then my iPod will take pictures of it’s new concubine with the O all reamed out looking like this —> a(O)l

  12. pbc says:

    In light of the above comment, I thought I’d start a blog where you can place some ipod hacks that may be different than here. It’s not a slam against this blog, but a chance to maybe have you all do something different. Hack away!

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