Team Hack-A-Day completes 25,000,000 points

25million points

It has been a while since I’ve mentioned our unofficial Folding@home team; that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped crushing the competition. We recently completed 25 million points and are ranked 32nd in the world. Pretty good for a team that only really got rolling last October. That much processing power would rank us as #91 in the Top 500 Supercomputers list. To join the team or just to celebrate, head over to the unofficial forums or stop by #hackaday on EFnet.

[thanks Tired2]


  1. Oh yeah!

  2. FIGGY says:

    Woot. We finally made it, and in less than a year to. Party!

  3. fucter says:

    congratulations guys!!!!!

  4. Urza9814 says:

    This isn’t a hack! Come on!
    heh… :P

    Way to go team Hack-A-Day.
    I would join, but all my spare processing power is currently being raped and pillaged by Freenet. Damn java.

  5. giskard says:

    i wonder how long it will be until distributed project such as this get listed as super computers, which are after all just a bunch of nodes, sometimes on different sides of the country. given how big this team is, and that there are 31 higher than that in the rankings, i suspect that f@h would smoke a lare number of the big instalations.

  6. dr._Nathan says:

    Rock on Team Hack-a-Day!

    For all you people reading this that aren’t folding, drop by the forums and we’ll get you started!

  7. lucian0 says:

    Yay team hack-a-day!

  8. ... says:

    ya, go HAD

    I have got my 15ghz folding (recently upped from a mere 3 by getting a few friends folding)…

    And I begged the school with its ~0.5THz of power… but they said no :'(

  9. polobunny says:

    I’m in the top 5 folder of the hack-a-day team. Yay, go me. :D

    I’m comming at ya Dr Nathan! =P Too sad most of my computers are Athlon XP’s, if they were P4 I could have owned. I want big QMD’s too. :(

  10. FIGGY says:

    If memory recalls correctly, someone on the forum mentioned something about us being ranked 91 on the top 500 supercomputer lists. I could be mistaken though.

  11. trebuchet03 says:

    I wish electricity wasn’t so expensive… otherwise I’d throw more time up :P

    congrats… and duh its not a hack, notice the picture is in color and not “taped” up ;)

  12. bird603568 says:

    its about time you give us some pimpage eliot

  13. nuticulus says:

    Seeing this compelled me to go start folding@home for team hackaday. I’m now on a mission to convert as many people as I can

  14. bird603568 says:

    thats what we need more of nuticulus :)

  15. polobunny says:

    Yeah, that and borg’ing.
    Don’t look at me this way… >___>

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