Aircrack running on a Zaurus C1000

zaurus c1000

The Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 is one of the handful of PDAs that Sharp has released preloaded with Linux. With it’s full qwerty keyboard it’s pretty easy to use any program intended for a full size Linux box. Reader [Sonicvanajr] decided to make a video of his new toy doing a few tricks. Namely, running Aircrack-ng (key to WEP cracking) and MDK2. He compiled both using the OpenEmbedded tools. If you are looking for one of these tiny Linux boxes you might wan to try for the older 5500 model which was sold in the states. The OpenZaurus project is the distro of choice even though it does have a surprisingly steep learning curve for being on a fixed hardware platform.


  1. jippers says:

    Wifi chaos in your pocket! I love it!

  2. steve says:

    what a peace of crap sorry but its sending me of to sleep and also the cam looks like its from toys u russ next hack pleas

  3. steve says:

    ps that hack was just one more powerfull example of how we in the free world can use high technology as a tool . that cam was neither technology nor a tool !

  4. japroach says:

    The size and touchscreen are really nice, but for the price (~600 on ebay) the specs arent too impressive.

    400mhz, 50mb internal memory, 640×480 res. Its also fairly thick for not having a hard drive.

    Very cool, but I would only buy one if the price were more reasonable or the specs were a little better.

  5. Sonicvanajr says:

    I got mine for $340 on

  6. Furbismo says:

    I hate you Garret. Go solder something.

  7. Aleksandyr says:

    The Nokia 770 ( has had this for ages.

  8. tahm says:

    NO LED’S???!? LAME.

    No, but seriously, that’s pretty cool. Especially since it’s small enough to pocket.

  9. AndrewNeo says:

    All you people complaining about LEDs should go start and stop whining over here. Eliot should go ‘pretty please?’ to Engadget and ask to borrow their comment system code. ;)

  10. Legodude522 says:

    I got my Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 for $330 total. It is an awesome device. They go for around $350. Even new ones.

  11. Legodude522 says:

    I just watched that video. Kinda funny.

    I got a bunch of Zaurus videos on Google Videos. See them all here-

  12. ... says:

    oh man what I would do to get that on my th55 :-]…

    I would sell my soul if someone made a howto to get linux on it, then makes the drivers to get the internal wifi/bluetooth working, and then ports over airodump, void11, aireplay, aircrack and some bluetooth fun… sell my friggin soul

  13. Destroy says:

    but! Sharp has introduced a new model in its Zaurus line of Linux PDAs. The SL-C1000 is similar to the SL-C3000, but without an internal harddrive. As with previous Japan-only Zaurus models, the SL-C1000 will be available with internationalization features from a number of global resellers.

  14. Michael says:

    Oho ! Judging to on a picture there is the real hacker computer :) I do not know regarding technical descriptions… but a design impresses in any event.

  15. mentor says:

    great hack!! and to all others that don

  16. tgm4883 says:

    It always amuses me that all these people hate on someone project, but (and maybe I missed it) I can’t seem to find any hacks done by these people.

    When you can create a hack by yourself (and I don’t mean following someone elses directions) then you can come on here and hate

  17. zarquon says:

    OpenZaurus is btw not the one and only distro for the zaurus. pdaxrom ( is a very powerful alternative. AFAIK they were the first who had a full-blown X11 running on the z.

  18. Ben says:

    I assume anyone capable of this is going to know this, but don’t do it unless you have $3000 for the FCC.

  19. Da_Blitz says:

    we have afourm for anyone who has or is intrested in any of the sharp line of PDAs as well as any other linux PDA

    i have the c3000 and would not give it up for any pda on the market

  20. john says:

    i have no idea what is going on in that vid. get a better camera.

  21. NXK says:

    Kudos to him for getting his Z running nicely but with at least three Linux-based distros and OpenBSD ported to his machine I would hope his Z would have that level of functionality.

    Go to the forums mentioned above, this is pretty commonplace stuff. I have been running aircrack (available from a feed no need to compile), have a transparent terminal on the root window, VNC into a Performa running 8.6, stream tunes from a home server while surfing hackaday at the local free hotspot, etc. for a year and a half and all the credit would have to go to pdaXrom and the good people at OESF.

    Sorry about the long post but seriously, this is not a hack, it’s not even really news…and that’s one crappy camera.

  22. DAMIEN says:

    The C3XXX Zaurus models also run OpenBSD and are fully self-hosting, i.e. you can rebuild the entire OS on the Zaurus. See

  23. larry says:

    really good hack in my opinon i am getting one of those sharp zaurus myself soon mine is going to be the 3200 question which linux distro do you use on your second computer i have tried to use ubuntu but i cannot get kismet to install your help would be great

  24. Legodude522 says:

    Any IPK packages avaliable to download? I just got my wifi card for my Zaurus.

  25. KClaisse says:

    I have a zaurus C3100 but it did not come with any wifi adapter. I assume that the adapter in the video supported passive mode as well as packet injecting. I would love to know the MFG and Model # for that card.

  26. void says:

    A great site on hacking a slightly older version of the zaurus:

  27. marc says:

    iv been workig on trying to get air crack to work on my win xp PC for a very long time. its a shit house prograhm. stop posting shit that doesnt work, NOOB!

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