GP2X With Built In USB Host Port

gp2x usb host mode

Hacker [Sprite_tm] is one of our favorites. He continues to court our fancy with his latest hack, adding a USB host port to his GP2X. The GP2X is a Linux based handheld game system. It supports USB devices through its EXT port. Problem is: it doesn’t provide power and you have to use a dongle. The GP2X uses a MAX1566 DC-DC converter so Sprite_tm was able to get 5V from the chip that was otherwise unused. Once mounted in place all he needed to do was write a simple script to mount the USB device. The chip should provide 500mA, but it’s not guaranteed. High draw could lock up the GP2X so a powered hub should still be used if you are unsure.

23 thoughts on “GP2X With Built In USB Host Port

  1. steve, I have noticed that every comment you make is negative and otherwise unappreciative of the hard work that these guys put into their hacks. If you are such a great hacker, please, by all means, send in one of your own. Otherwise, stfu.

    Anyways… If I had the extra $$$, I would now buy one of those suckers in a heartbeat. I can’t remember, but can you put Wi-Fi on a GP2X? If so, that would rule. If not, it’s still a great piece of homebrew fun.

  2. hey Terminalblue,
    why on earth would you want that for your psp, it already has a usb miniport for synching, copying, etc.
    Unless you want to be able to read usb drives through the psp interface, that would be cool but would probably require a file browser type mod, (impossible with the 2.7 firmware, unless you get a mod chip)


  3. extermin8tor: So because its impossible/not available he shouldn’t want it? Not following your logic on this one. And isn’t that t in your name kind of redundant?

    I am definitely considering modding my gp2x with this, as I want to add a bunch of low drain devices, and try and port some linux apps to which use them. Possible devices: gps, bluetooth, external mouse, self powered external HDD, compact flash adaptor, perhaps even my digital rebel could be persuaded to play nice (i currently use a laptop as a remote shutter release/picture review for my job as a jewelry photographer, would depend on finding a linux equivilent to the existing remote capture propietary canon software)

    I can’t really see how anyone who reads this site wouldn’t want more devices with usb host, especially when the software is open source! The sky’s the limit!

  4. oh yeah, colonel_panic414, i do think usb wifi cards are working, could depend on the card though. Its built into the kernel of the latest firmware (v2.0, i think another upgrade is coming this summer) so its definitely possible.

  5. Yawn. Been there, done that. Made the cable:

    Pimped the knob.

    With the kinder-uberaschungs-eier cable approach, you can add fully working USB to any GP2X – not just the one you decide to hack and slash .. on my GP2X’s (I have 4 that I can use this rig with) right now I have:

    – USB HDD – 60 gigs JOBO Datatank, battery powered
    – 2 Griffiin Powermates (two-player pong, baby, yeah!)
    – USB MIDIMAN 2×2 (for MidiShare, naturally)
    – USB WLAN adapter

    All working, no sweat. Make the cable, let your GP2X do the USB its always wanted to ..

  6. Hmmm, I do like that setup (more than modding my gp2x, at least to start), where did you get the data cable? The one I ordered which made for the phone models they specified in the break out box wiki had a pitiful amount of pins, just enough for usb and definitely not enough for the JTAG hookup. Does that kinder egg contain the voltage bumping circuit, or does the hdd run with out it? I ask as I have nearly the same portable HDD but its picky about running when its short on juice.

  7. You don’t need to use the script, the function to mount it is in the settings screen. Check “menu extension” it adds the options you aren’t seeing to the bottom of the settings menu.

    @Jay, his mod is better, it uses the built-in 5volts off the GP mainboard, yours doesn’t.

    @rautiocination, Jay uses a battery powered HDD.

  8. @nubie: i think my cable is a better hack: i can use it on all 5 GP2X’s in the office, and it didn’t require me to mod my GP2X. it just plain works on all GP2X’s .. thats more important to me than having a custom GP2X .. for now ..

    @rautiocination: i bought the connectors through, the part # is A11-577-2401, and its a fairly common samsung-compatible phone connector .. you may have to shop for it .. i’ve got 10 in my toolbox, but i’m afraid i can’t spare one, coz i’ve got other cables to make for the GP2X (network, for example, for multi-player GP2X gaming..)

    all-in-all, the GP2X is a wonderful little linux hacking machine. tons of great stuff going on for it .. wait ’til it hits the MIDI world!

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